Trouble as Court of Appeal Judges Allow Fresh Evidence Against Sematimba

Three judges of the Court of Appeal have allowed Stephen Ssekigozi, approved a former contestant in the last parliamentary elections to file in court more evidence challenging  Busiro South MP Peter Sematimba’s academic qualifications.

Ssematimba’s political rival and Democratic Party member Ssekigozi convinced Court that he came across a new piece of forensic evidence by a handwriting expert, indicating that Peter Ssematimba’s diploma in Electrical and Computer Technology was forged.

Ssekigozi informed court that there was no other way he could have presented the evidence before court, as he only accessed it in August 2016 when the case before High Court had already been finalized back in June.

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This new evidence was allowed in by Justices Steven Kavuma, Cheborion Balishaki and Catherine Bamugemereire.

It contains analysis by handwriting expert Sylvia Chelengati, who compared an original diploma   certificate from Pacific Coast Technical Institute (USA) of a one Juliet Muyingo with the one Ssematimba allegedly obtained from the same institute and noticed major discrepancies.

Although Court allowed this evidence, it has declined to summon Chelengant as a witness.

The judges also gave an opportunity to the National Council for Higher Education to present additional evidence to prove that Ssematimba’s academic qualifications are valid and he is fit to be MP.

After hearing both parties, the court proceeded with the hearing of the main appeal that Ssematimba and the National Council of Higher Education filed against Stephen Ssekigozi.

In this appeal before the three justices, Ssematimba is challenging the judgment of High Court’s Justice Lydia Mugambe in which she declared Busiro south constituency vacant after nullifying the election of Peter Sematimba on grounds that he lacked the required education qualifications.



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