Tribute to Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

By Duncan Abigaba

On the 16th of May, cialis 40mg http://claude-nicaud.com/new/wp-includes/requests/idnaencoder.php 2016, http://coeurdepirate.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table-compat.php the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, http://denafilmax.com/wp-content/themes/theme49466/static/static-search.php President Yoweri Museveni promoted Senior and Junior Officers of the UPDF including Brig. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Notable officers among the promoted include; Maj. Gen. Joram Mugume, Col. Charles Lutaaya, Col. Muzeyi Sabiti and Col. Anthony Kyakabale who has been promoted and retired inter alia.

In summary, 1 Major General, 1 Brigadier, 11 Colonels, 47 Lieutenant Colonels, 279 Majors, 337 Lieutenants and 3 2nd Lieutenants were promoted.

Maj. Gen. Muhoozi was born on the 24th April, 1974 on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Dar el salaam.

In his book, Sowing the Mustard Seed, President Museveni writes that a 3-month old Muhoozi was excited when electricity finally returned to the house because the young couple had been unable to pay for electricity for months which had forced the authorities to disconnect them.

Maj. Gen. Muhoozi attended primary schools in Tanzania, Kenya and Sweden where he lived with his mother and younger sisters during the resistance wars of Uganda (1971-1986).

When NRA/NRM took over power in 1986, the young Muhoozi, his mother Janet and the sisters returned to Uganda in 1988. He then completed his primary school at Kampala Parents School before joining Kings College, Budo for O ‘Level.

He later did his A ‘ Levels at St. Mary’s College, Kisubi.  After high school, Muhoozi had a stint at soldiering by enrolling for basic military training and serving alongside the Local Defence units (LDUs).

After attaining the basic military training, Muhoozi enrolled at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom for a Bachelors’ degree in Economics and Political Science, graduating in 1998.  He then married Charlotte Kuteesa in 1999 before joining the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst for a Cadet Course graduating in 2000.

Muhoozi then enrolled at the Egyptian Military Academy for both the company and battalion command courses.

Upon return from the Egyptian Military Academy, Muhoozi attended the Kalama Armoured Warfare Training School at Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba.

In 2007, he was admitted to one year course at the United States Army Command and General staff College at Leavenworth, Kansas, graduating in June 2008.

Muhoozi was the third Ugandan Officer to graduate from the prestigious college.  Others being the late Gen Aronda Nyakairima and Brig Kasirye Ggwanga.

On return from the United States, Muhoozi enrolled at the South African National Defence College for the Executive Security Programme graduating in 2012.

Internal conflicts

Maj Gen Muhoozi commanded and participated in the operation lighting thunder that flushed the remnants of Joseph Kony and the LRA out of the Garamba forests, pushing them further north to Central African Republic and putting an end to the 20 year old insurgency in Northern Uganda.

Since, normalcy has returned to the region.  The locals are going about their day to day activities, schools and health centres have re-opened, and government projects like the Karuma Hydro Power Station, the Gulu-Atiak Road and many other projects are going on smoothly.

Lastly and less known, is that Maj. Gen. Muhoozi is an author. His first book is titled “Battles of the Uganda Resistance; A tradition of Maneuver”.

The book investigates the technical aspects of a number of key battles of the Ugandan resistance war, but also presents a brief but penetrating examination of the history of warfare on the African Continent right from the pre-colonial resistances.

In the book, he shows the applicability of the classroom models on the frontline.  The major case study being the battle of Kembogo on the 22nd of June, 1984.  During this battle, Gen. Salim Saleh’s mobile brigade defeated the UNLA’s special brigade commanded by Col. Ogole.

This was the beginning of the fall of the Obote government.  The demoralised UNLA soldiers retreated and later overthrew their Commander in Chief on the 27th of July, 1985.

Also, the book explains the four phases of the Ugandan Resistance War; clandestine warfare phase, guerilla warfare phase, mobile warfare phase and conventional warfare phase.

Maj Gen Muhoozi has attended the best military academies in the World and has learnt from the best. He is apparently commanding one of the most professional units that is responsible for pacifying the region including averting a genocide in South Sudan in December, 2013, an operation where he has been on the frontline.

He oversaw security during the Pope’s visit in November, 2015. He this month oversaw the security of 14 visiting Heads of State during the swearing-in ceremony of President Museveni.

Even with the remnants of Al Shabab still operating within the region, both events passed without a scene.  As a leader of our generation, he deserves all the support and morale we can offer him as he advances his military career.

Felicitations Afande Muhoozi and your colleagues!

Duncan Abigaba

The writer is a Deputy Presidential Assistant in-charge of Research and Information

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