TREASON CASE: Besigye Decries Sluggish Prosecution

Kizza Besigye in Court

Former Presidential candidate Col Kizza Besigye has told Nakawa Court Chief Magistrates James Mawanda Eremye that since he is out on bail, recipe the continued coming to court would be inconveniencing him and draining his finances.

The opposition strongman advised government prosecution to drop the charges against him for the meantime; and rekindle them when investigations are complete

“They should release me and in case they find case against me, decease I am always around town; they can come for me, viagra sale ” Besigye told court. “I pray I don’t keep appearing in court because of the inconveniences. If they want 6 months or a year I can give it to them to complete investigations and later summon me to court.”

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Besigye complained that right now no bank can lend him money because they know he is on a capital offence whose maximum punishment is death which he said is wrong since evidence against him is nowhere to be seen.

He further noted that there is always a lot of tension around court when police heavily deploys, which inconveniences both the public and himself. He thus asked to be excused from the case until state finishes investigations.

The state prosecutor Doreen Erima however told court that the request by the opposition strongman can’t be granted because it is unlawful.

“The court is aware that the charges against are grave and investigations ought to be exhausted,” the state prosecutor told court.

“In such cases prosecution is always given 6 months within which to complete investigations which has not elapsed.”

The prosecutor said that being granted bail doesn’t mean Besigye has been discharged of charges against him adding that in case the office of the DPP feels there are no charges, they would inform court.

“We expect him to come to court regularly and he risks having the bail canceled, an arrest warrant issued and taken back to prison.”

The prosecutor quoted article 23 (7) of the constitution stressing that anyone arrested unlawfully is liable to compensation by the state. She asked for more time for investigations.

The magistrate agreed with the state stressing he is going to grant a long adjournment to benefit both sides. He adjourned the case to August 12.


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