Travel Guide: Top Holiday and Tourist Destinations in Uganda

Christmas holiday is a period for people to enjoy ample time with family and friends. Some organizations and companies use the time for team building retreats while others would use the holiday to move and explore the beauty of nature which God crafted across the universe.

For those intending to spend their time in Uganda, store there is a bunch of breathtaking beauty ranging from the calm weather, web landscape, wildlife, food, culture, night life, religion and lots more that can make your stay in the Pearl of Africa worthwhile.

We sample the top 10 tourist and holiday Destinations one might want to consider during this period.

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As Christmas sets in, most people in the capital city make trips to their home villages leaving Kampala decongested and traffic jam free. The noise is also at the lowest since most of the industries take a break or at least lower production rates.

Kampala has a wide variety of areas and features of interest, ranging from cultural centres, religious centres, the people, the National Museum and many other interesting features that the city is endowed with.

While in Kampala, one can visit the Kasubi Tombs, the Baganda cultural Centre where traditional leaders (Kabaka’s) are buried. The tombs lie a few kilometres away from the Lubiri King’s palace which also has interesting cultural features including the royal regalia among others.

Kasubi tombs is ine of the places you can visit while on holiday in Kampala

Kasubi tombs is ine of the places you can visit while on holiday in Kampala

A trip to the Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo, Gadafi National Mosque, Bahai Temple, and Namirembe Cathedral would tell it all about the religious heritage in the country.

Guests can enjoy state of the art accommodation in world class hotels including Kampala Serena, Speke Hotel, Kabira Country club, Munyonyo Common Wealth Resort among many others.


Being Uganda’s main gateway, and with its location at the sides of Lake Victoria, Entebbe has never been short of ambition.

Now with over 20 recreational beaches, the Uganda Reptile Village, Entebbe zoo, the Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre, your leisure time will come with learning, lots of adventure and of course not forgetting it’s the home of the President.

The cool breeze in Entebbe Botanical Gardens, with monkeys jumping all over would make your holiday experience interesting

The cool breeze in Entebbe Botanical Gardens, with monkeys jumping all over would make your holiday experience interesting

A day spent at the Entebbe botanical gardens will give you a magical experience with great food served from different restaurants and Monkeys jumping all over. The cold breeze from Lake Victoria will make your meal time worthwhile.


If you would rather be scared to death than bored to death, then Jinja is the ultimate destination for you this Christmas period.

The small Eastern Uganda town houses the source of the Nile with a variety of sporting activities on the river including white water rafting, bungee jumping and floating. The activities are ideal for family holidays, for couples and any group of peers.

The many different falls along the Nile, including Bujagali falls, Itanda falls and Kyabirwa falls add glitz to the beauty of the area.

Chimp Corp, Pamela Amia on a bungee jumping spree in Jinja recently.

Chimp Corp, Pamela Amia on a bungee jumping spree in Jinja recently.

Jinja is also a paradise for birding enthusiasts, with a variety of bird species seen on the banks of the Nile. Check it out, you will thank me later.

The town has state of the art hotels that provide world class accommodation classy bars where one can relax in the evenings and grab a cold Nile Special beer.


The South Western Uganda District has by far the best mountain scenery in the country with many hills and best of all, Bwindi Impenetrable forest that is inhabited by various large and small species of primates and birds.

Due to its close location to the forest and the fact that it’s too hilly, the place is very cold in the evenings, you might want to carry heavy gear but yes, you will love it there.

The awe-inspiring views of Lake Bunyonyi, Kahuriro falls at Ijumaga in Kiryanga Sub-County, and the rich culture will quench your thirst for adventure.

A boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi would be so rousing

A boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi would be so rousing

Kabale is also known for having the biggest drum in East Africa. The drum is found at Bukumi in Nkondo Sub-County and belongs to Bukumi Christian Parish.

The different cultures in Kabale are also an important aspect to look out for, top of them being the Batwa who formerly lived on trees in Bwindi forest.


The Sanga Cultural Centre, located at the Sanga junction leading to Lake Mburo National Park will tell you all there is to know about the Bahima and Banyankore tribes.

Aside from the traditional ornaments and regalia found there, you can get to learn about the cultural ways, particularly of the Bahima Women.

The different lakes in the area including Lake Kakyeera, Lake Nakivale and Lake Mburo provide an opportunity for a soothing boat ride with a magnificent view of birds.

A safari drive through Lake Mburo National Park would also be a good plan. You will get a chance to spot variety of animals and if you are lucky, you might see a leopard at dusk.


A part from the fact that the place is too hot, almost everything in Kasese can be of interest to tourists and any person looking to find some rest and have some fun.

The rich culture of the Bakonzo, the various National parks including Queen Elizabeth, Kibale Forest National Park and Rwenzori National Park will provide a 360 experience of what God gifted Uganda with.

You might want to be careful when taking a safari drive through Queen Elizabeth National Park. The various families of lions could pounce on you; but hey, what’s fun without being scared? Got get it.

For those with interest in Mountain climbing, a hike on Rwenzori through the dense montane forest and the astonishing hazardous terrain, to the equatorial snow covered peaks will be another activity that will make your holiday time interesting.

Kasese has over 40 accommodation establishments including hotels, eco-lodges, camp sites offering services to both high splendor and budget visitors.


Gorilla trekking in Mgahinga National Park is one amazing experience you might want to add to your itinerary when considering spending your holiday time in Kisoro.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park also offers two extinct volcanoes for physically fit hikers. The two volcanoes of Mt. Sabyinyo (366m) and Mt. Muhavura (4127m) offer excellent volcano climbing experiences.

Also in the forested mountains, other rare animals including bufalloes, elephants, bushbacks and the endangered Golden Monkeys can be seen.

Mgahinga National Park is home to the world's most endangered Mountain Gorillas

Mgahinga National Park is home to the world’s most endangered Mountain Gorillas

Garama cave where the once crafty Batwa (who were warriors) lived and fought their neighbours, the Bantu will also be another area of interest.

The cave which is 342m long and 14m deep is 4 hours away from the park headquarters and is now inhabited only by bats.

You can consider a nature walk, a forest walk or even better, you can visit the market places, to get to learn about the cultures of Bafumbira and Batwa. Birders will be sorted too.

The area has a number of Crater Lakes, the most outstanding being the emerald-green lake Mutanda located 14kms North of Kisoro town. The lake offers the best experience of sunset cruises and is also ideal for canoeing and fishing.

The various eco lodges in the area will give accommodation to the feel of the wild.


If you are trying to google Uganda + Nightlife, remove it, close your laptop and just go to Masaka. I can only describe it as the Las Vegas of Uganda.

The Central Uganda town has raised the bar when it comes to parties and night life experience. The different bars and clubs in the town, not forgetting the state of the art hotels in the area including Hotel Lanova, Lastone Hotel among others will have you sorted all throughout the time.

A view of Lake Nabugabo in Masaka

A view of Lake Nabugabo in Masaka

Nabugabo Sand beach at Lake Nabugabo is also one ultimate place where you can relax or go sporting in beach volleyball, canoeing, or go bird watching.

Agro tourism and community tourism could also be of interest to you this holiday and Masaka doesn’t just give answers, it gets it done.


With over 80 islands on Lake Victoria, there is no way Kalangala could miss appearing on this list. The islands are all scattered, covered in stunning green, natural vegetation.

The Vegetation is also complemented by the palm tree plant promoted by palm oil project especially in on bugala Islands. It’s home to a variety of bird species, butterflies, monkeys, snakes, and crocodiles.

Aside from the beautiful beaches, Kalangala has other cultural areas including the Kalaya cave where the first indigenous people on Kalangala first settled.


It is without a doubt that Fort Portal is the cleanest town in Uganda.

It is also a gateway to various national parks including Kibale, Semuliki, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable, Rwenzori and Toro-Semuliki Wildlife reserves.

While in Fort Portal, one can visit the Nakasura waterfalls which are linked to the rich Bachwezi culture.

The area is surrounded by scenic crater lakes, beautiful tea plantations and the Rwenzori mountain ranges besides a cool climate and hospitable people. It is also known for the Bigodi wetland sanctuary.


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