Traffic Police Warns on Overexcitement During  New Year Festivities

The traffic police commander in charge of Kampala Metropolitan area, symptoms Norman Musinga has warned drivers  that they risk arrest if they misbehave during festivities to end the year.

Addressing journalists on Friday in Kampala, online Musinga said that on several occasions drivers and riders have misbehaved  due to over excitement  while celebrating the end of the year and ushering in the new one,  leading to accidents and death of many people.

“Don’t over speed, drink drive, load your family and friends all in a tiny vehicle and any other form of indiscipline on the road and think you will go away with it because  you are celebrating the end of the year,”Musinga warned.

“Using the law, we shall not hesitate to arrest you and deal with you accordingly.”

The Kampala Metropolitan traffic police commander said that they will continue with their operations code named ‘Fika Salaama’ on the major highways and ‘Tembeya Salama’ within the city in a bid to check on the reckless drivers.

On traffic in the city centre on the 31st,Musinga revealed that  parking along some streets including Nile Avenue, Speke,Ternnan, Ssezibwa ,Kintu road and High Court roundabout  will not be allowed so as to allow traffic flow to specific areas where celebrations will be taking place.

He said warned that any vehicle found parked on these restricted avenues will be towed to the nearest police station at the owners’ expense.

According to Musinga, there will be a number of traffic diversions by police in a bid to create safer environment for revelers in various places.

“Boda boda riders are fond of behaving recklessly while on the road but I want  to warn them that traffic guidelines that apply on drivers too apply to them. We shall not hesitate arresting them.”

“Don’t think we shall leave you to behave in any way you want.We are ready to ensure that we have a smooth transition from 2016 to 2017,”Musinga warned.



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