Trade Minister Asks Parliament to Fast track Anti-Counterfeit Bill

The Minister of State for Trade, ed Michael Werikhe has appealed to Parliament to speed up the process of enacting the Anti-Counterfeit Bill so as to save Ugandans from the increasing production and importation of counterfeits in the country.

The Minister together with the Anti-Counterfeit Network Africa made the call while addressing the media at Parliament on Monday highlighting the impact of counterfeits on the nation.

He noted that working with a cross section of stakeholders and relevant government agencies, viagra 60mg the Ministry has had a Counterfeit Bill drafted and submitted to Parliament through Cabinet.

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Werikhe revealed that the bill is currently at the committee level of Parliament and is under discussion and debate.

The Anti Counterfeit Bill, 2009 intends to prohibit trade in counterfeit goods that infringe upon protected intellectual property rights, prohibit release of counterfeit goods into the channels of commerce and empower the Commissioner General to seize and detain suspected counterfeit goods.

“Government is as much concerned over counterfeit because it is negatively affected, we are interested in fairness, value for money and safety of her people,” Werikhe noted.

“Counterfeits also negatively affect innovation, government revenues in the country, genuine trade interests while a number of counterfeit goods are dangerous to life and safety.”

Anti Counterfeit Network, Director, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Fred Muwema noted that there is still a lot of weakness in handling counterfeits in the country not due to absence of the laws but due to poor enforcement.

“The challenge is that the punishments were not stringent enough, this is why we need the bill passed because the punishment under the penal code Act 1950, are not so severe,” Muwema said.


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