Tooro Queen Mother Attacks Prince Kijanangoma

King Oyo and Queen mother Best Kemigisa attending a function in Tooro recently

The South Sudan rebel movement, sick ampoule SPLA-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar has met with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, pills information pills who is also the host and chairman of the regional body IGAD that is mediating the youngest nation’s peace talks.

The meeting ahead of the peace talk’s resumption this mid-April was held at the Ethiopian National Palace in capital Addis Ababa on Wednesday where Hailemariam personally briefed the rebel leader on the upcoming developments.

Sources in Machar’s camp in Addis Ababa, diagnosis who only refer to him as Commander-in-Chief, said there are ready for the dialogue’s reopening after it flatly flopped on March 6 when the African Union and IGAD’s Heads of State and Government summit failed to make the two conflicting parties sign the final peace agreement which is expected to usher in a government of national unity.

“The Commander-in-Chief as usual is so interested in a peaceful resolution and an end of suffering for our own people that he honoured the invitation from IGAD and met with H.E Hailemariam at his Palace,” a source who asked not to be named as he is not authorised to speak to the media, said on Easter Sunday.

A high level delegation was supposed to fly to Juba to meet the SPLA leadership under President Salva Kiir with the view of briefing him on the new arrangements for the negotiations dubbed ‘IGAD Plus’.

The new round of talks will bring together world powers and other African countries that have been playing an observatory role to direct mediation in the talks that entered the second year in December 2014.

Though contested by the Juba regime, the Troika block consisting United States, United Kingdom and Norway – which are also the biggest humanitarian funders of South Sudan, have officially joined the IGAD Plus.

Other countries are from the BRICKS block – China, Russia and South Africa.

All IGAD member countries which were not directly involved in the talks can now officially join the negotiations.

The IGAD Plus, which will see United Nations recognised as a member, is expected to exert ample pressure on President Kiir and Dr. Machar to finally accept the final deal which they have been failing to sign.

It is now seen as the last resolution to the South Sudan conflict that broke out in late 2013 and has claimed an estimated 20,000 lives, driven about two million people out of their homes internally and over half a million to neighbouring countries.
Drama ensued at Kabarole Christian Fellowship Cathedral on Easter Sunday when Tooro Queen Mother, price Best Kemigisa Akiiki, attacked Prince David Kijanangoma for announcing plans to overthrow her son – King Oyo.

Kemigisa said Kijanangoma is an impostor before assuring him that “you, Kijanangoma, you will never ever be the King of Tooro.”

The firebrand Queen Mother made the tough comments during the church service which was also attended by Prince David Kijanangoma.

It is understood the church administrators had invited Prince Kijanangoma to pray with them only to be surprised by Kemigisa’s attendance.

According to Gilbert Kayondo, the Information Minister of Prince Kijanangoma, Pastor K.L Dickson had invited the prince to pray with them but found their rival Kemigisa already seated.

Pr. Dickson who is married to Gladys, the sister of the Queen mother, had tactfully invited both Kijanangoma and Best Kemigisa for a talk that would probably lead to a peaceful settlement to their divisions regarding the kingship.

“We could not accept to talk to the Queen mother about the issues of Tooro. She is not the right person to discuss with. The problem is her and King Oyo. How can we talk to her when she is accompanied by District Police Commander Geoffrey Kahebwa?” said Kayondo.

The church administrators denied Prince Kijanangoma a microphone and chance to address the Christians or even greet them.

The visibly angry Kemigisa accused Prince Kijanangoma of trying to usurp power from her son, warning him, “You are doomed. You will fail.”

She fumed: “You are not known in Tooro kingdom. You are a fraudster planted here to cause chaos between Tooro Kingdom and its subjects, dividing us and creating an anti-Kingdom faction”.

This was the first time the Queen mother Best Kemigisa was reacting to unfolding developments in the Kingdom of Tooro.

Prince Kijanangoma told reporters outside the church that he could not react to such a “stupid woman because she is not the rightful person to talk to.”

Kijanangoma recently launched a massive campaign to topple Oyo whom he accused of spending the better part of his time in Buganda instead of leading his subjects in Tooro.

“King Oyo has detached himself from his subjects and has abdicated from kingdom duties. For example one day he woke up and announced he had done away with the kingdom constitution that it was no longer valid,” said Kijanangoma in an interview with ChimpReports.

“This wouldn’t be bad if he had made some amendments but it was wrong to abolish the constitution. He has done away with the members of the loyal clan of Tooro which is a sign of disrespect to elders”

He also attacked the Queen Mother whom she said has “sold almost all kingdom property without consulting Tooro elders and neither does she seek advice from the Orukurato (Parliament).The kingdom has lost a lot of land as she sells it and doesn’t want to be questioned. The Queen Mother has disposed off all categories of land in Tooro (for the kingdom, king and Queen Mother) which does not make any sense after being preserved for generations by the past kings.

“What if the past kings had sold it, where would the subjects be?”

Tooro Kingdom Princess Elizabeth Bagaya in March also described Kijanangoma as an impostor.

Addressing a meeting at Mucwa Complex, Princess Bagaya said, “There has been a lot of distorted information that has been circulating in the kingdom which I term as misinformation intended to poison our people”.

Princess Bagaya said the issue of succession in Tooro kingdom was streamlined and nobody would resort to the old-fashioned violent style of grabbing power in Tooro kingdom.

On the issue of King Oyo overstaying in Kampala and travelling around the world, Bagaya said the King is ever out of the kingdom majorly to lobby for his subjects.

She said, “The kingdom authority has a list of what King Oyo has lobbied for the kingdom. Even King Oyo’s grand Father King Rukidi had a palace in Kololo in Kampala. This issue of King Oyo having a palace in Kampala is a deliberate effort to mislead the people of Tooro”.

Bagaya said the issue of Succession was sorted by their late Father King Rukidi when he named Oyo’s father Oyo Kaboyo as heir and consequently his son.


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