Tooro Demands Museveni To Provide Security For Rebel King

High court in Kampala has today convicted three men for the murder of Bilalu Margaret a street vendor and aggravated robbery of 460 million from two traders Ezuma Martin and Ojala in 2012 around Arua Park.

The three who were convicted by the High court judge Jane Alidviza, search buy are Mugisha Francis, sickness Musiime Raymond, generic and Nsubuga John.

At the same time court acquitted Serunjogi Paddy, who was being accused with these three after prosecution’s failure to bring enough evidence pinning him on the offences.

Prosecution told court that one of the accused, dressed in army combat used force to take away the money from his victims.

The trio are also said to have used a riffle to murder one Frank Mugisha, which gun was later recovered by police and determined to have been used in the murder, three months back.

The three were also collectively convicted of murder of Margret since all of them were implicated in this count.

The Judge set the May 25th when she will pronounce her sentence for the convicts.

The People of Tooro Kingdom have asked President Yoweri Museveni to provide security to
the renegade king David Kijanangoma Araali.

David Strides a Mutooro and Musician based in the United Kingdom said, health “President Museveni should provide enough security to King David Kijanangoma because he has overwhelming support from the subjects.”

Strides said, viagra “I’m preaching the gospel of unity. I see Tooro kingdom divided and many people are with King David Kijanangoma, why don’t Tooro kingdom officials realize what is happening and accept the truth?”

Andrew Irumba another Mutooro and concerned citizen said that President Museveni should intervene in the wrangles of Tooro and recognize Kijanangoma as a King.

“Kijanangoma is no longer a common man like us. He’s trusted and supported by many subjects because of the messes that have been taking place in Tooro. President should provide Kijanangoma security and reorganize him as king because there is an overwhelming number of supporters paying allegiance to him,” said Irumba.

King david Kijanangoma addresing his subhjects on Saturday evening

King david Kijanangoma addressing his subjects on Saturday evening

This was during the second royal party that King Kijanangoma held for thousands of his supporters at his palace in Rwengoma, West division, Fort Portal municipality on Saturday.

Irumba also handed a 110 page petition to King Kijanangoma containing the titles of the allegedly grabbed and sold land by the Queen mother Best Kemigisa. It also contained their location and the amounts of money received by Queen mother.

According to Irumba, “The grabbed lands are in Kyaka, Kyegegwa district, Burahya and Kibiito in Kabarole district. They were sold off at a total of Shs 5.1 bn and the money was received by Queen mother”

This money according to Irumba was wired through Queen mother’s former lawyer Bob Kasanga by the Uganda lands Commission.

During the royal party, King David Kijanangoma announced that his coronation is slated for 23rd December, 2015 postponing it from the earlier date of 15th October 2015.

Kijanangoma said, “I’ve been compelled to change the coronation date at the request of many friends and relatives living in the United States and UK who asked me to push it to December so that they can attend and contribute towards its success”.

Musuga Dan Rubombora of Rwengoma camp said that after Kijanangoma’s coronation, they will invade the palace (Karuzika) and overthrow King Oyo.

King Kijanangoma recently declared himself rebel king for Tooro Kingdom. Kijanangoma, cousin to King Oyo accused him of failure to set development projects for his subjects and to control the Queen mother from interfering in palace affairs and land grabbing.

His announcement as King left the people of Tooro divided into two rival factions.



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