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Todwong Shooting Mystery Deepens

The National Resistance Movement Deputy Secretary General, viagra 40mg Hon Richard Todwong, does not know how a bullet struck his thigh, the ruling party has revealed.

NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba, however, assured that Todwong is out of danger.

Reports on Sunday morning indicated that Todwong had accidentally shot himself.

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While some family members confirmed this development, others said he was being pursued by strangers in a car as he travelled to Northern Uganda.

The contradiction has left many baffled as to what really happened.

Over 24 hours after the incident occurred involving a high profile person, police are yet to issue a statement.

But Lumumba said on the evening of Saturday February 18, 2017 while driving to his country home in Nwoya District, the Deputy Secretary General, Hon Richard Todwong, found a boda-boda cyclist who had just been knocked down by a Tata Lorry Registration No. 307 UDG at Chopelwor Village.

“The lorry sped off, leaving the injured cyclist by the road side. Unfortunately the boda boda rider passed on,” said Lumumba.

“In his capacity as a leader and responsible citizen, Hon Todwong pursued the truck who in an attempt to escape, endangered other innocent lives by driving recklessly necessitating Hon. Todwong to fire gun shots in the air to dispel by-standers as well as force the driver of the truck to stop,” she added.

“But he (Todwong) continued in defiance till they reached a roadblock mounted along the road by traffic police that the truck was stopped and the driver arrested.”

Lumumba said it was while explaining to the police officers at the road block that “the officers pointed to Hon Todwong blood stains on his trousers,” adding, “So, we cannot establish at this moment whether he shot himself or was shot by someone else.”

It remains unclear how Todwong would fall short of realizing that a bullet had struck his body.

Lumumba said Todwong was then taken to hospital where it was discovered that the bullet “had been shot on his left thigh just above the knee.”

She did not explain why Todwong had to personally pursue the ill-fated truck driver yet he had he is always in company of armed escorts.

But highly placed sources say Todwong believes someone was after his life.

After receiving some treatment at Gulu Independent Hospital, he was flown to Kampala for further medical examination.

“I paid him a visit at IHK earlier today and his life is totally ruled out of danger,” said Lumumba on Sunday night.


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