Election 2016

Thursday Election was Free and Fair – Regional Observers

EAC, IGAD and COMESA address Press at Sheraton

Residents from Rwampara constituency yesterday attacked the Mbarara district electoral commission registrar to have the results of the Thursday elections released.

People that camped at the District hall in Mbarara since yesterday expressed anger that their winning  parliamentary candidate was yet to be announced two days down the road.

The commission leaders relaimsned tight lipped through yestfday on why they were withholding the results of the election which was held and concluded smoothly on Thursday.

As pressure piled on Friday evening, patient http://cellulitzwalczyc.xyz/wp-includes/rewrite.php Dan Ruhemba the district electoral registrar decided to release the results for Mbarara municipality declaring Michael Tusiime as the new MP.

Tusiime defeated his opponents with 33496 and was followed by FDC’s John Kazoora who got 20129 votes. Bright Muhumaza managed 1255 while Norman Mugarura Vicent trailed with 118 votes.

Dan promised to declare winners from other constituencies of Rwampara and Kashari the following day.

Supporters of the NRM candidate Charles Ngabirano were most argitated, threatening to break into violence at the Kamukuzi of their candidate is not declared winner.

It is understood that the independent candidate Vincent Kyamadidi had found out that the election results brought in from Rwampara, were not matching the voters register.

Regional election observers have released their preliminary findings from last Thursday’s elections terming it as generally free and calling for calm as the Independent Electoral Commission prepares to announce the country’s next president this evening.

While addressing press at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala on Saturday morning, visit this site http://chatterblast.com/wp-includes/default-filters.php the observers from the East African Community (EAC), visit http://cerlalc.org/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/options_exception.php Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) observed with concerns a number of glitches that hampered the polling process, erectile majorly the delay of delivering election materials.

However, unlike their local counterparts, the regional observers refrained from being vindictive of the election process.

From the information they managed to gather from the build up to Thursday February 18th and the events thereafter, the regional observes concluded that the election exercise was generally free and fair.

Yufnalis Okubo who led the IGAD Observers said that the Thursday election exercise was commendable by world standards.

“We did notice certain practices that will serve as a good example to the regional states, such as availability of the voters’ register to agents at every polling station and the presidential debate which is now taking root in the region,” he said.

Mr Okubu also revealed that his team had noticed a remarkable improvement in this year’s election compared to that of 2011, and projected that the process would be much better in 2021.

“In our opinion, the 2016 general election met the minimum international standards of a free and fair election. We urged the people of the Republic of Uganda to remain calm as the process of tallying the final vote is still underway.”

He commended the people of Uganda for turning up in big numbers to cast their vote, and the electoral commission “for the manner in which they handled this heavy task in the interest of the people of the Republic of Uganda.”

Ambassador Ashraf Rashid, who led the COMESA team, termed the election process as generally fair, promising to make more conclusive observations after the results are announced.

Meanwhile the East African Community observers avoided making positive or negative conclusions.

The EAC team leader and former Tanzanian President Al Hassan Mwinyi described this year’s election as most competitive of all the previous ones on the country.

He commended the big voter turn up, and the electoral commission for sharing information in its accessibility.

The regional observers’ findings and conclusions defer significantly from the local observers who yesterday concluded that the election process was not free or fair.

The Citizens’ Elections Observers Uganda (CEON-U) discredited the entire presidential and parliamentary election process citing irregularities that were witnessed in the opening of the polling stations, set up, voting, closing and counting.

EON-U Chairperson, Dr. Livingstone Ssewanyana highlighted that despite the high turn up of voters to elect the leaders of their choice, the Electoral Commission (EC) didn’t meet the standards of a free and fair election.

“We commend EC for the collective decisions that they took during yesterday’s polling; however, their conduct left many Ugandans dissatisfied,” said Dr. Ssewanyana.

“The extension of polling in some parts of Wakiso and Kampala districts was indeed welcome. However, this has got peculiar impact that we need to look into,” Ssewanyana noted.

Ssewanyana said the observers concluded that the elections were not free and fair and that the election process and voting doesn’t measure up to the expected standards.

Regionally President Yoweri Museveni is largely considered a strong pillar in the unity and progression of the east and central African region.

Several leaders from the neighboring countries have, on a number of occasions cautioned Ugandan to refrain from riddance of the President who if announced winner this evening will be extending his rule to 35 years.


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