The Role of a Father in Nation Building

Jinja Municipal Council has been promoted to the Azam Uganda Premier league for the 2015/16 season after thrashing their neighbors Kirinya Jinja SS 6-2 in a goal fest playoff final.

Jinja SS predicaments started in the very beginning conceding a penalty just after two minutes, visit this after Gerard Masette handled the ball in the forbidden area.

Aggrey Madou converted the ensuing kick to open the scores. JMC skipper Ambrose Kirya doubled the lead eleven minutes later with a 30 yard stunner from Allan Drajua’s failed clearance. The score was maintained into the break.

Comeback turns sour

On resumption, buy Jinja SS started on high note with two near misses from John Wakalaita. Aggrey Madou punished the ‘students’ with a 40-yard drive to make the mission impossible for them.

Jimmy Jalendo then continued the rout only five minutes after the third goal connecting an in-swinger from the corner with powerful header forcing Matakubwa Joel to make another avoidable mistake.

Magumba Musa pulled one back to give the Kirinya boys faint hope before the technical bench decided to pull out Matakubwa in Jinja SS goal to avoid further errors. The semifinal hero had turned villain!

Richard Wandyaka plunged the ‘school boys’ back into further despair just after restarting with two successive goals scoring his first with. Jinja Municipal now joins maroons fc and The Saints FC who qualified directly while their town rivals will have to try again next season.

In the main final, more about Maroons FC triumphed with 1-0 over Saints Fc through an early wonder goal from Hood Maliki. The Saints attempts to equalize were failed by Maliamungu in Maroons goal who made several wonderful saves. The saves turned fruitful even after the game receiving a late call up to the national team U23.

Big league awards

After the successful completion of every journey, the outstanding travelers will always receive a mention and so was the big league season. Several categories of people who played a key role in the success of the season were awarded.

The awards in Summary

Winners: Maroons F.C

1st Runners up: The Saints FC

2nd Runners Up: Jinja Municipal Council

Best Referee: Robert Donny

MVP: Ambrose Kirya (JMC)

Top scorers: Alex Bukenya Kitata (Saints)

Best Coach: Mark Twinamatsiko (Saints)

Fair play Awards: Namasagali Fc

Best Manager: Ahmed Kongola (Saints)

Best Media (TV): Peter Kanyike (Bukedde TV)

Best Media (Radio): Moses Nampala (Simba)

Best Media (Print): Shafiki Senoga (New Vision)


A strong family is the back bone of a strong nation; it’s the primary institution of a state because of its parenting role.

When families fall apart, sales the nation may fail to ever rise to its full potential. Pastor Grace Ntale a marriage counselor and senior pastor of Doves of Destiny Ministries, web discusses the role of a father if building a strong nation.

Parenting is a role of both parents that is the father and the mother. Each one of them has their role to play for proper upbringing of the child or children. If any of them neglects their role or roles, it will affect the well-being of the child or children

If any child will grow to their full potential and achieve their God ordained purpose and destiny in life, there is need for full input of both parents.

Currently, many fathers have neglected their roles, abandoned both their wives and children and this has resulted into a morally decayed society which can only be saved if all fathers rise to their responsibilities.

As the world is still carrying on celebrations for the International Family Day under the theme; “families and responsible parenting; a backbone to productivity and wealth creation”, below are some of the roles of the father in the well up bringing of a child for a sustainable nation.

The father is the God ordained bread winner. He is responsible for providing for his family the basic necessities. Children grow well when they are well fed and it’s the father’s responsibility to provide the needed food and general welfare of the home.

Security is a crucial requirement for the well-being of any child. Children believe that their parents and most especially fathers are their sole security. So it’s important that fathers meet their children’s expectations if they will grow up into confident and secure citizens.

It is believed that most children grew up with only their mothers lack self-esteem and confidence in life, they always moves bowing their heads down.

Children need what is called a male (father) voice and a male figure at home. This is a voice of authority that they are willing to easily submit to. Except in a few cases, children that grow without such a voice usually turn out to be unruly and disobedient members of society. So it’s the role of fathers to provide such a voice in the home.

Fathers are supposed to be a role-model in their homes. To most boys, their fathers are their role models and usually they want to be like their fathers in everything. So if father is absent or if he fails in his role, those boys will be greatly affected and it may force them to get wrong role models. This also calls for caution to fathers on how they conduct themselves before their children. Children will always watch and copy their parents.

Since the father (husband) is the head of the family, Ephesians 5:23 and the head carries the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tongue and the brain, he is therefore supposed to see for the family, to hear from the Lord for his family, to discern what is right for his family, to taste for his family, to speak for his family and to think and plan for his family. Usually if the head has a problem, or if it fails in its role, the entire body will suffer.

Fathers are the priests of their own families and their role is to speak in to the lives of their children like Jacob did Genesis 49. Every father is a prophet to his children with a role of declaring the good he desires for his children to become in future.

It’s the father’s role to discipline his children.

It’s the father’s role to train his children especially the boys how the handle issues of life. He should train them to be hard working.

The father’s words of affirmation will give his children self-esteem. Girls that have grown with their fathers affirming them will not be easily swayed by boys since the words like ‘I love you’, ‘you are beautiful’ from a male voice will not be new to them.



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