The Church Must Do More – Museveni

President Museveni and his family graced the celebrations to mark Ankole Diocese's 80 years of Christian  Rival

President Yoweri Museveni this afternoon presided over the celebrations to mark Ankole Diocese’s 80 years of Christian Revival, hospital with a call to the Church to do more that preaching the gospel and conquering the world.

At the event that was held at St. James Cathedral in Ruharo, this web Mbarara Museveni said unlike the old revival which addressed a number of other social issues rather than the gospel, the modern church has not done enough help in the socioeconomic transformation of society.

Museveni told the hundreds of congregants, “In 1949 when they were celebrating Christian revival, I attended with my parents who converted on that occasion.”

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“The revival helped build morals by fighting vices like promiscuity, promoted hygiene, education and food security.”

The president emphasized that Christianity today talks about subduing and managing the earth.

“I ask the church to protect the environment in this line,” he said. “Just like the revival changed things, the church should mentor the youth. Teach them hard work and discourage graft.”


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