Teso Bishop Denies Links With Mbabazi

By Jonathan Ekochu

The retired Bishop of Soroti Church Of Uganda Diocese, visit this site ask http://ca-uqam.info/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php Rt Rev Bishop Charles Benard Ebitu Obaikol has denied being part of the presidential campaign team of Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi.

In the press briefing held this afternoon at Space Net Guest House in Soroti, buy more about http://channelingerik.com/wp-includes/post.php Bishop Obaikol stressed that he has never been consulted and has never attended any such meetings to warrant him to be part of the Go Forward movement of Amama Mbabazi as reported in the media today.

The retired Bishop told the media that he is an elder and a respected leader in the Province of the Church of Uganda and is there fore Non Partisan given the position of the Church Law on matters of Politics.

“The issue of political parties doesn’t arise anywhere in the life I live, cheapest ” he said.

Bishop Obaikol was part of the efforts of top clerics and civil society in Kampala, during the push for electoral reforms ahead of 2016 elections.

His involvement however, he said was only to prepare people for a peaceful election.

“Some of the people I worked with during this push have now joined Go Forward. I believe that is why people rushed to think that I too was part of the pressure group. It is a misconception,” he said.

He added that he can only be associated with issues concerning the Church, development, peace and welfare of the people of Teso and Uganda at large as an elder.

Bishop Obaikol is a much respected Church leader in Teso having served as a dean of the Province of the Church of Uganda. He is also the Chairman of “ETEM ITESO” an organization that unites all the people of Teso for collective good of the tribe.



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