Tension as Thugs Break into HRNJ Offices

The burglers used Robert Sempala's window to break into the premises

A number of staff members have been fired at Kinkiizi FM, viagra approved a local radio station owned by presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

Some of the workers at the Kihiihi based FM station told our reporter, cheapest they had gone up to four months without pay, which allegations we were still unable to independently verify.

According to information from the Kinkiizi FM, Geoffrey Sengendo the station Manager ordered all the workers there to vacate the station and reapply for their jobs after one month.

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Ssengendo informed the staff that the radio was not closed but was undergoing a restructuring phase. It is currently playing music and adverts and according to the manager, normal business will resume at an announced date.

Kinkizi FM; the first radio station in Kanungu district has not been doing well over the past years, as its income hit major lows.

It has also faced stiff completion from new entrants mainly Kanungu Broadcasting Service owned by tycoon James Musinguzi Garuga as well as Unity FM which belongs to Health State Minister Dr Chris Baryomunsi.
Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda (HRNJ-Uganda) a body that defends rights for journalists was late night accosted by unknown bandits that broke into their offices in Kayanja Triangle Zone, illness Rubaga, viagra 40mg taking off with the organization’s vital information and property.

Among the property which was taken were all desktop computers, laptops, documents and an unspecified amount of money for project activities.

The attackers vandalized a number of office property

The attackers vandalized a number of office property

“It is hard for us to comprehend. This was a highly sophisticated intrusion. The organization is paralyzed, a lot of our important information was taken, we can’t tell what they intend to use it for. We suspect this to be a reprisal for the work we do in defending and promoting media freedoms and journalists’ rights in the country,” said the HRNJ-Uganda National Coordinator, Robert Ssempala this morning.

Ssempala noted that this is the second time in two years HRNJ-Uganda offices are being broken into.

“There have also been several attempts to break into the office which were foiled by the security guards. However last night the security guard, who was on duty disappeared in the morning after the break in, leaving behind her gun,” Ssempala said.

Ssempala narrates that, “The attackers used the window on my office after removing the burglar proof to enter the premises, they broke all internal office doors, vandalized drawers and scattered documents on the floor as they made away with others. They also made away with the organizations money-safe which was found at the Rubaga police post by HRNJ-U staff that had gone to report the incident.”

The organization's safe was found dumped and empty

The organization’s safe was found dumped and empty

“Their interest was to access our information which they did because how do you explain the fact that expensive and portable machines like printers, projectors and photocopiers were not taken! They targeted specific offices within the premises, making us more suspicious of the intentions of the attackers. We hope that the police will investigate this matter to its logical conclusion,” remarked Ssempala.

“When I arrived this morning I found the guard outside the gate, she opened for me, I entered and proceeded to open the office. I was shocked to see broken pieces of metallic bars near my boss’s office window. I rushed back to check on the guard only to realize that she had disappeared leaving behind the gun,” said Emmanuel Magambo the in-charge Information Technology and Security at HRNJ-Uganda.



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