Tenants Decry Poor State of Kabale District Houses

Kabale district houses are said to be in poor state

Tenants residing in the Kabale Housing Estate at Kikungiri Hill are protesting the conditions of the houses which they say have been rotting away over the years.

The tenants claim that most of the houses have leaking roofs, medical others are not painted and the toilets are in a sorry state.

According to one of the tenants Innocent Mubangizi, viagra sale they pay Shs. 40,000 rent every month for the dilapidated houses, some of which have cloths and sacks in the places of windows and doors.

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Mubangizi accused the district leadership for being money minded and ignoring the welfare of the tenants.

Joseph Murangira the LCI Chairman for Kikungiri hill who has lived in the district houses for over 15 years says every time it rains the entire house leaks and that his family lives in fear that they might be killed in the house.

He however says he has petitioned the Chief Administrative Officer asking government to allow them to build their own toilets in vain.

The CAO Abert Matsiko Mutungwire when contacted said he is aware of the state of the district houses, but reassured that the Finance and Administration Committee is monitoring and will give a report for appropriate action before the end of this week.



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