Tecno Unveils Hi-Tech Eye Scanner Smart Phone

Following the increased demand from Ugandans for a user and pocket friendlily mobile phone with unique features to simplify their duties, healing Techno mobile has answered their call and unveiled a trendy Camon C9 mobile phone designed to address people’s desires

Unlike the previous C5 and C8 Tecno phones which gained popularity among Ugandans , the medium sized  C9 phone has been built with unique features like biometric lock 13mp camera that are not common with other mobile  phones in the same price range

At the unveiling ceremony held in Kampala on Wednesday Hamood Babu, the Techno Central Manager revealed to ChimpReports that this mobile phone has been produced after analyzing people’s preference and demand on a smart phone

“Much emphasis was put on Camera while producing this phone to ensure that users get value for their money. It has front and back camera with 3megapixel and a powerful flash light”

Babu adds that this phone will enable people to take clear selfies at an angle of 120 degrees and this can accommodate over 10 people at ago

“Camon C9 camera can take a clear shot in places with low light and the same camera has an enhanced feature that enables it to produce better professional photos”

This phone contains a unique feature of a Bio metric eye iris recognition sensor which can enable you to use your iris to lock your phone thus protecting it from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

All you need to do is just to move to security settings of the phone and activate Eye scan, option, enter four digit password and thereafter scan your iris by facing directly in front of the phonescreen to save the settings. After successful enabling the feature the phone will be only unlocked by the iris from the eyes that were used during the above process

There is no need to worry about the safety of your eyes because the eye scan device was examined by health experts and proved to have no effect on human eye

By specifications the  Camon C9 measures  153*76.4*1080,comes with a 5.5 FHD IPS  Touch screen with a strong protective gear, compatible with GPRS/ EDGE/WCDMA /LTE Network, Octa core processor, 2GB RAM with 2GB RAM. It has 16GB space that can be expandable upto128GB,6.0 Android version  with a 3000mAh inbuilt battery and it’s a duo Micro Simcard phone

This same Tehno Camon C9 supports T Band which is a revolutionary smart band in a form of a wrist watch which can be used to take pictures when you are a distance away from the phone, to monitors person’s sleeping pattern ,number of steps taken, alerting you in case your phone rings and it keeps the owner alert on the presence of his phone

The T band is already in stores at a cost range of shs 76000 to 86000.

Currently this phone costs between shillingss 546,000 and 560,000 from stores all mobile phone stores around the country and it comes with 13 month Warranty after purchase


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