Tears, Grief as Family Mourns Shamira

Ambrose eulogising his deceased wife at St John's Church in Kampala on Thursday

A dark cloud hovered over St John’s Church Kamwokya, treat Kampala as friends and relatives gathered to pay their last respects to Shamira Nyangoma.

At the age of 25, see Nyangoma succumbed to a brain tumour at Nsambya Hospital on Wednesday morning.

Two caskets – one for Shamira and her unborn child, lay before a tearful gathering as speaker after speaker praised the deceased’s special attributes.

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Shamira’s mother, Grace, said this was her saddest life.

“She never gave me hard time. Her studies were smooth. She was an obedient person. Her death has torn me apart,” said Grace as the audience sobbed.

“I asked myself why God chose to take her life. Our family believed in the Muslim faith. We all took the Christian life including Shamira. It’s because of God’s power that I can stand here to address you,” she added.

Commonly known among her peers as Whammy, Shamira was expecting her second child with hubby Ambrose Nampwera when she was admitted at Nsambya Hospital.

“When Ambrose called me, I went to be by her side. I was hoping that God would save her life. All my trust lay in God. We thought she was struggling with pregnancy-related illness,” recalled Grace.

“However, one part of her body would be paralysed. She vomited a lot. I was suspicious,” wept the deceased’s mom.

Shamira Nyangoma

Shamira Nyangoma

The deceased was so optimistic to see her unborn child. The decead’s twin brother was speechless; breaking down during his eulogy.

“She was so special to me and my family,” cried Shamira’s broher.

The deceased’s sister recounted fasting and praying for Shamira in vain.

Friends described Shamira as jolly, trustworthy, friendly and a woman with a “Wonderful personality.”

Hubby speaks

Nampwera recalled waking up at 5:00am today. “It was an empty bed; an empty house,” mourned the widower.

He described her as “my spirit, my inspiration.” He said Shamira died of an incurable brain tumour.

“Doctors said they could not operate her. She called me saying take care of Emmy (daughter). “I am dying'”, recalled Nampwera.

He further revealed that Shamira was in coma for seven days. She later recovered for sometime before being taken back to ICU where she was pronounced dead.

“She was my rock. When I wasn’t sure of what to do; she would help me find it,” mourned Nampwera.

The deceased will be laid to rest in Bumbaire, Bushenyi on Friday.


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