Teachers Urge Gov’t to Provide Adequate School Facilities

Ugandan music star Jose Chameleone has defended his decision to participate in recording a song to popularise President Museveni’s 2016 candidature, ask saying he does not discriminate against politicians.

Chameleone, ask who is considered the most popular musician the country has had in the last decade, symptoms told off critics from the political opposition that, “Telling me your wish doesn’t make it mine too. We all have different Missions.”

He added: “Let everybody respect everybody’s opinion.”

Chameleone and a host of other artistes invited President Museveni at the launch of the campaign song dubbed ‘Tubonga Nawe’ – a move that attracted heavy criticism from the president’s opponents.

Museveni contributed Shs 400m to the musicians’ Trust FundThe president’s critics, mainly opposition, said the musicians should not have accepted money from the head-of-state as his government is corrupt and has performed poorly in delivering public services.

Others claimed the donation was obtained from the public coffers and that it should be refunded.

The critics went on to argue that the musicians should have instead recorded a song denouncing what they described as police brutality, lack of ample medicine in hospitals among other issues that affect the common man.

In his defence, Chameleone urged detractors to “Do what you want, I am on my way to do what’s me. If you wanted to tell me what’s right one of you should have shown me the way then.”

He urged the public to engage in constructive criticism and appreciate how the music industry operates.

“You want us to sing on your graduations, birthday days, weddings etc and defy the fact that President Museveni is entitled to the same?” Chameleone challenged Museveni’s opponents.

“Wake up people. We are respectful to Elders and are entitled to dine with a Father,” he concluded.

Chameleone defended

A one Andrew Atwooki Mwesige threw his weight behind Chameleone, saying, “The artistes made their own choice of focus. And it is what they do, sing, whether you like what they sing or who they sing for.”

Mwesige said the musician continues to participate in community service initiatives and raising funds for the vulnerable members of society and should not be ostracised for singing for the President.
By Geoffrey Omara

Apac District Teachers Union has appealed to government, sildenafil to provide adequate facilities to schools so as to improve the standard of education in the country.

The chairperson Apac district teacher’s Union, visit this Opila Fautine said most schools in the district lack school desks and teacher’s also lack accommodation facilities.

“In order for our teachers to work well, viagra government should provide appropriate accommodation for them,” Opila said at a function that was held to celebrate world teachers’ day at Judins hotel in Apac town on Saturday.

Opila further said there was need for the government to formulate applicable mid-day meal policies for children.

He warned the government to desist from promoting the policy of automatic promotion in government aided schools.

Kwania County Member of Parliament, Tonny Ayo urged the government to recruit more teachers in order to fill the gaps in government schools.

He asked the department of education to ensure that they deploy teachers in schools equally.

The district inspector of schools, Magret Okunyu asked leaders to desist from discouraging parents from paying school development funds.

“Our political leaders should stop issuing deterrent statements which sometimes discourage our parents from paying development funds,” Okuny warned.


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