Tanga Odoi Warns Makerere: Fire Stella Nyanzi or Face a Revolt

Dr Tanga Odoi addresses journalists at Makerere University on Tuesday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

OUTSPOKEN Makerere University Convocation chairman, viagra Tanga Odoi, this web who also doubles as the NRM party Electoral Commission boss, has opened another can of worms by asking the campus to expel Dr Stella Nyanzi.

A committee set up by Makerere University administration recently recommended “disciplinary action” against Nyanzi for stripping naked at the education facility and refusing to teach as instructed by the head of her department, Prof Mahmood Mamdani.

The committee stated that Nyanzi’s “refusal to take up the strategic role assigned to her by the Director MISR was in breach of the terms of her appointment which he accepted in writing and therefore an act of insubordination.”

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Under Section 5.7 (3) of the Makerere University Human Resource Manual, the report showed, “willful insubordination or disobedience and refusal to take lawful orders constitute grounds for disciplinary action.”

Regarding the widely publicized April 18 nude protest, the committee agreed with Mamdani that the act was “premeditated and planned with some MISR students sympathetic to her.”

Officials concluded that by stripping and staging a premeditated nude demonstration, when she was still in possession of her office keys, Dr Nyanzi contravened section 5. 1 (a) of the Makerere University Human Resource Manual which provides that an employee shall “act at all times in a reasonable and responsible manner.”

Addressing journalists on Tuesday morning at the university, Tanga said such characters like Nyanzi cannot be allowed anywhere near the institution of higher learning or else the university’s name risks being tarnished.

“We want the report of the committee implemented at all levels. A whole doctor undressing in public! She should try her services elsewhere like in South Africa, Jamaica or Europe where they walk naked. That is not the culture here,” Dr Tanga said.

The outspoken convocation boss said that if Nyanzi is left to continue being part of university, it would be a go-ahead to other members to also emulate her actions which he said cannot be allowed to continue.

The investigations committee recommended that “Nyanzi be subjected to disciplinary action in line with section 5.8 of the Makerere University Human Resource Manual which categorises the actions and omission she committed as gross misconduct, and section 5.9 (d) (i) which prescribes disciplinary action for gross misconduct.”

On his part, Tanga said the university administration appears to have swept under the carpet the report on Nyanzi but  warned they can’t just sit back as they see the Ivory Tower become a centre of nudity in the country.

“I want to warn them that we have the capacity to cause an Arab spring in this university and no form of intimidation from anybody will make us sweep the matter under the carpet. We want discipline at Makerere and no one should walk scot free after such nudity,” charged Tanga.

The Makerere don led the University staff in several strikes that saw government concede to raise salaries.

Well known for speaking his mind, Dr Tanga said it was not right for Nyanzi strip as a form of protest adding that the convocation will not allow any other kind of probe put in place in a bid to investigate the matter.

“Managers should not protect anyone who offends the social fabrics of this society,” warned Tanga.

The Makerere University convocation brings together the former students and workers of the institution of higher learning with Dr Tanga is its chairman.


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