Tanga Odoi to Sue Mirundi for Defamation

The NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi is dragging to court the former Presidential Media assistant Joseph Tamale Mirundi for defamation.

Odoi is unhappy with the way Mirundi has been on his case lately, look http://clinicapetterson.com.br/wp-includes/update.php following the back to back ejections of NRM MPs from Parliament by courts, click http://davelane.com.au/wp-admin/includes/ms.php majorly over lack of academic qualifications.

Mirundi reportedly attacked Odoi on a number of media channels recently accusing him of inaptitude and putting the ruling party in negative light when he failed to properly screen the contestants.

Tanga has warned the motor-mouthed Tamale that if he continues insulting him he will be left with no option but take him on in courts of law.

“Mirundi is nothing; he was just picked by the President from Masaka after disagreement in the LRA war: he goes around accusing me of using my daughter to take a bribe of Sh5million and influencing the nomination of some members, http://demainechiropractic.com/wp-includes/version.php ” charged Odoi while addressing press at the NRM Secretariat in Kampala on Tuesday.

Odoi further threatened to sue the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) and the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE) for causing embarrassment on him by not competently certifying and verifying academic papers of some of the candidates.

“NRM EC has neither the mandate nor capacity to verify candidates’ academic credentials: we did our work and the issue was upon the two bodies to competently do theirs.

“It is therefore not only a glaring falsehood but also a rumor intended to tarnish the hard-earned good image of the NRM EC to say that we verified candidates’ academic documents. ”

Tanga advised the party Secretary General Justine Kasule Linings to think of an appropriate action to taken against UNEB and UNCHE for the incompetence they have showed.


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