Tanga Odoi Fires Rubanda NRM Leaders for Supporting Independents

NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi speaks to journalists in Rubanda earlier this week

Henry Ariganyira Musasizi the Rubanda county East Member of Parliament and his Rubanda West county counterpart Eng. Denis Sabiti Bamwoya are under fire over supporting independents in the just concluded elections in their newly created Rubanda district.

The NRM Chairperson of Electoral Commission Dr Tanga Odoi blasted two MPs labeling them ‘traitors of their own party’.

“As the Chairperson of the NRM Electoral Commission, pilule  my disappointment is that within my party, pharmacy we can have some people coming out to oppose their party candidates. How can a Member of Parliament sponsor and support candidates to stand against a candidate of their party?”

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“It is a shame!” said Dr. Tanga.

He vowed to present the issue before the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) for a disciplinary action is taken against the two MPs.

“They can’t be party Chairpersons in the constituencies and later turn against the party and support other parties.”

Tanga was disturbed that despite Musasazi’s meeting with President Yoweri Museveni over the issue, case he went ahead to support the independent candidates against the party flag bearers saying “that is indiscipline which the party cannot maintain.”

“As of now, Musasizi is now in his last stages in politics. I don’t think he will stand in Rubanda East again as it has been after betraying his people. The same applies to Eng Sabiti,” Tanga lamented.

In his response, Hon. Henry Ariganyira Musasizi said that those threatning to remove him from Parliament for supporting none party candidates are just wasting their time as in so doing he violated no law.

He added that he still remains an NRM party member and that Rubanda now needs services from its leaders more than anything else.

Meanwhile, Tanga Odoi has suspended the Hamurwa Sub County party Chairperson Abel Ariho, Bubaare  sub county  NRM Chairperson Pius Tumwine and Bubaare sub county NRM registrar Polly Muhangi for supporting independent candidates.

Tanga claims that the thrree supported Independent candidates Stephen Kasyaba Ampeire on the District Chairperson seat as well as Hilda Kabarungi Karuhize on the seat of District Woman Member of Parliament in the concluded elections.

NRM’s Prosy Mbabazi Akampurira won the District Woman Member of Parliament seat followed by Independent Hilda Kabarungi Karuhize while the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC, Vastine Katushabe trailed.

Kenneth Jogo Biryabarema won the District Local Council V chairperson seat, Independent Stephen Kasyaba Ampeire was second, FDC Joseph Ruhangariyo was third and Nelson Habasa trailed.

Regarding the suspended leaders, Tanga says Mugisha and Ariho’s contravened NRM party rules and regulations saying that the duo was on several times seen openly campaigning for the independent candidates. He says he took the decision after receiving several complaints from the party voters in the District and that the process of replacing them with other trustable party leaders is ongoing.

Mugisha and Ariho insist that they are supporters of NRM party who are only being witch hunted for no reason.




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