Suspended Volleyball Championship: Managers Call for Sanity

The league has been on suspense since September

The 2016 volleyball season has been mired with disputes and clashes that have led to the suspension of the league because of several issues.

Uganda volleyball managers have however called for a quick satisfying solution to make sure the league resumes and ends in time.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Tennis Court club in Lugogo, viagra 100mg Joseph Mary Ssempiira, information pills the coordinator Uganda volleyball managers forum said, all they want is for sanity to prevail.

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“I believe the issue that sparked off this saga was very simple but some people because of individual interests were willing to defy the regulations,” he said.

“As we speak, the time we have now is not enough for the Serie A division to end by 31st December as the laws require.”

“But as managers, we believe we can agree on a format that we can use to determine the champion this year in the spirit of the game because we need a representative in the Africa club championships,” he explained.

Background of the saga

The saga rotates around a one Daudi Okello who currently plies his trade in Bulgaria.

The mess started at this year’s national club championships that were hosted by Nkumba university volleyball team between 3-4th September in which Kampala Amateur Volleyball club (KAVC) fielded Daudi Okello a player who according to other teams at the championship was not eligible to play.

At the time, Okello was still a player of Inatek Club now University of Kibungo (UNIK) in Rwanda.

The championship did not finish because the clubs did not agree with Okello playing apart.

Sport-S volleyball club petitioned the chairman of the Sports Organising Committee, Mr.Kayongo Deogratious but when their petition was thrown out, all the clubs decided to pull out.

As if that was Just the start, KAVC insisted fielding Okello a few weeks later when the national league commenced which yet again 11 of the 12 clubs playing in the Serie A in solidarity refused to play. This prompted the suspension of the league.

The saga did not stop at the men’s division but spread to the women’s league.

11 team mangers of 13 women teams wrote to the Uganda Volleyball Federation giving them an ultimatum to recall the Series A men division.

As a result, women’s teams failed to show up for games and were disqualified from the league.

It is also believed that this was done without formal communication but rather via social media.

Clubs that were disqualified include; Sport-S, Mulago, Nemo Stars, Vision volleyball camp and KCCA volleyball club.

According to the managers, they petitioned the Uganda volleyball tribunal on 6th October but there has been no reply since then.

“Our petition has a lot of issues including the un resolved national club championship, the continued suspension of the league, suspension on foreign players and walk overs in the women division,” read part of the statement.

The league managers forum have therefore called for immediate look into their matters so that sanity can return in the league.


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