Supreme Court Upholds MP Godi’s 25 Year Sentence

Akbar Godi could not believe he was going back to Luzira (PHOTOS:Kenneth Kazibwe /Chimpreports)

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday joined other heads of state and the UN boss Ban Ki-Moon in calling on leaders of South Sudan to stop leading their people on the path of war and instead choose peace.

President Kenyatta said President Salva Kiir and his former Vice President, case Riek Machar, order owe it to their people to bring the war in the world’s youngest nation to an end.

He said the peace agreement signed recently by the two leaders will have no benefit if they do not stop the actual war on the ground.

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The President also called for the peace process to be more inclusive so that no one is left behind in the journey to make South Sudan get back on the path of reconstruction and development.

“I call upon the people and the leaders of South Sudan to undertake the noble task of stopping the war and implement the permanent ceasefire and security arrangement as envisaged in the Peace Agreement, rx ” said the President.

The President spoke when he addressed a high-level meeting on South Sudan, which was chaired by the United Nations Secretary General.

Mr Ban Ki-moon called on President Kiir to take stronger initiative to ensure lasting peace is restored in his country.

“There is nothing you cannot overcome and I count on you and your brother (Mr Machar) to put your country to peace,” said the UN boss.

Mr Ban said it was ironical that the world’s youngest nation has plunged into a crisis not long after it gained its independence.

“I remember the jubilation that marked the celebration of independence of South Sudan which made me proud,” said Ban Ki-Moon. “I do not understand why South Sudan has fallen into chaos.”

Kiir speaks out

On his part, President Kiir, who addressed the meeting through a live video link from Juba, said he was committed to implement the peace process to bring the conflict to an end.

“Don’t doubt my sincerity to peace. South Sudan does not need any more war,” said President Kiir in his address at the meeting organised by the United Nations Security Council.

He called on the international community to continue supporting South Sudan in resolving the conflict.

“One day South Sudan will be peaceful and prosperous. My government and I are committed to implement the peace agreement,” President Kiir said as he called on the international community to prevail on the rebel forces whom he accused of violations of the peace agreement.

He also called on the IGAD Plus Peace Initiative to widen the scope of the agreement to include more stakeholders in South Sudan’s stability.
The Supreme Court in Kampala has on Wednesday morning upheld the 25 year sentence handed to former Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Hussein Akbar Godi for murder of his wife.

Mukono High Court judge Lawrence Gidudu in February 2011 sentenced Godi to 25 years imprisonment after being found guilty of shooting dead his 19 year old fiancé Rehema Ceasar Nasur in December 2008.

In 2013, tadalafil the former legislator appealed the sentence before his request failed to yield anything after the Court of Appeal upheld the sentence.

Meanwhile in May last year, Godi took to the Supreme Court asking the panel of judges led by Christine Kitumba, Wilson Tsekoko, Geradino Okello, Jotham Tumwesigye and Bart Katureebe to overturn the decision by the Court of Appeal to uphold the sentence.

Godi faulted the Court of Appeal for upholding his 25 year sentence in absence of satisfactory evidence to sustain the charge.

A relative consoles Godi after the Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday morning.

     A relative consoles Godi after the ruling on Wednesday.

The former legislator said that the High Court had failed to evaluate the evidence availed to at the trial accusing the court of passing a judgment based on speculation.

However, on Wednesday morning, the panel of judges read their 4-1 majority ruling insisting that the Court of Appeal was right to uphold the legislator’s 25 year sentence.

“We have carefully looked at evidence on record by the High Court and court of Appeal and have found there is no basis for the appeal,” read Justice Wilson Tsekoko.

“We have not found any merit on all the 3 grounds of the appeal .We therefore uphold the decision of the Court of Appeal and upholding the sentence.”

Not Satisfied with Ruling

The former Arua Municipality legislator who all along during the court session was calm told journalists that he was not satisfied with the Supreme Court’s decision.

“Everyone knew the outcome f my case when the President went public and said that I had to be jailed. All will be said but the fact and history will always remain that I became an MP at a tender age,” Godi said.

“This will not break me down but has given me time to go and read extensively to extend my horizon and since age is on my side, I will bounce back.”


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