Sunday Best: Museveni’s Changing Dress Code For US, UK Trips

Ugandan Badminton ace Edwin ‘the Black Pearl’ Ekiring has qualified for the most prestigious tournament in Badminton, viagra order the 22nd edition of the World Championships to be held in Jakarta, pills Indonesia from 10th-16th August 2015.

The 32 year old star will compete in the men’s singles category after being ranked the best badminton player in African by the recent BWF rankings released on Thursday 30th April 2015.

Ekiring was ranked number 159 worldwide and the best in Africa after amassing a total of 11790 points. He joins a total of 63 other participants who have qualified for through the first phase.

The participants in the world championships are invited by the world governing body in two phases based on the world ranking lists.

“Good news I qualified for world championships which is going to be in Jakarta, drug Indonesia,” a happy Ekiring posted on his social media immediately he received the information.

“I qualified as a best player in Africa,” he briefly explained to Chimpreports how he got through to the list.

Ekiring went on to describe his long journey towards this achievement, “Last year, I had to play in tournaments all over the world in order to qualify for the world championships. I played internationals in Spain, Nigerian, South African, Zambian, Botswana and Portugal.”

He has previously taken part in the 2006 Commonwealth games in Melbourne, 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi, 2012 OCBC US open, 2012 summer Olympics among others.

The week long tourney will be held at Istora-Gelora Bung Karno Senayan a multi-purpose arena, Jakarta with 9000 seating capacity and see approximately 400 of the world’s top players representing five continents competing for the title of the world Champion.

Indonesia has held two previous editions in 1980 and 1989.

A coup d’ etat has been announced in neighboring Burundi against President Pierre Nkurunziza.

General Godefroid Niyombareh announced Wednesday afternoon that President Nkurunziza and his government have been dismissed.

The General issued a statement saying he is now in control of the government and Nkurunziza’s government has been dissolved.

Godefroid Niyombareh further announced that a National Salvation Committee had been set up to run the country.

“The masses have decided to take into their own hands the destiny of the nation to remedy this unconstitutional environment into which Burundi has been plunged, sildenafil ” Read part of the statement.

“The masses vigorously and tenaciously reject President Nkurunziza’s third term mandate in accordance with the constitution and the Arusha Accord. President Pierre Nkurunziza has been relieved of his duties. The government is overthrown.”

Reports from the capital Bujumbura indicates that soldiers had stationed themselves outside the state broadcaster.

The coupe was announced in the middle of an going crisis meeting between East African heads of state in Tanzanina over the growing unrest the covered the nation in the past weeks, viagra 40mg where 20 people have lost lives and thousands displaced.

The President Nkurunziza, was reportedly in attendance.

Emerging reports show that wild celebrations have erupted on the streets as thousands celebrated the downfall of Pierre, who was forcefully seeking a third term, against the national constitution
Forget our Museveni, viagra the one we see daily at functions like weddings, sale ground breaking or at conferences held at our various hotels around Kampala. Where he appears in plane shirts, troche and of course sometime they are yellow in color, the military fatigue. Forget it.

It’s like our president has learnt a thing or two about dressing for the occasion. He has dropped the buggy suits of recent and his recent trips to Europe and The US have seen him dress up.

Museveni seen here in 2011 in Europe

Museveni seen here in 2011 in Europe

A fitting suit complemented by a sweater vest has become his unique dress code since 2012 every time he’s on his trips abroad.

This makes him look very smart and sharp in front of the cameras, and to the numerous diplomats and businessmen he meets.  His stylist also knows that the weather in These countries can be harsh so this also helps him remain warm.

And one other thing; he loses the hat!

Museveni at the Great Lakes Summit in 2013

Museveni at the Great Lakes Summit in 2013

At ChimpReports, this reminds us of the legendary “Sunday best” we were accustomed to in high school. Everyone had his best clothes reserved for that special occasion like Sunday prayers, or when it was visiting day.

Museveni meeting Britain's PM David Cameron at the London conference on Somalia in 2012

Museveni meeting Britain’s PM David Cameron at the London conference on Somalia in 2012

What lesson do we learn from our president? We must dress up sometimes, if we are in our homes its fine, dress the way you feel like but if you are away from your home, be it office, social events etc, you must dress up because the image you portray while away leaves a lasting impression on how people perceive you.

And whoever is in charge of Museveni’s wardrobe is really doing a great Job, Keep it.

Museveni addressing the UN

Museveni addressing the UN

Museveni meeting Russia President Putin in Moscow

Museveni meeting Russia President Putin in Moscow


Ugandan's are accustomed to Museveni in "buggy" suits and a hat

Ugandan’s are accustomed to Museveni in “buggy” suits and a hat



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