Students Tipped on Entrepreneurship at Cavendish University Open Day

Cavendish University Vice Chancellor, John Francis Mugisha speaking to media at the open day

Following the increased rate of unemployed graduates in the country Cavendish University students have been equipped with skills on how to become successful in this challenging and competitive world.

During the University Open day held on Saturday at the main compass in Nsambya, cialis 40mg successful personalities in various fields informed students that it will not be only books that will determine their future but a number of factors are involved.

Prof John Francis Mugisha, site the Vice Chancellor of the University revealed that one of the main purposes for having such a day is to connect students with their fellow students in various courses and the whole world at large.

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“Many people stay in the University without knowing what is being offered in the same institution, unhealthy today many students after moving around the campus will be surprised how much is being offered yet you have been here for so long,” he said.

Prof Mugisha said that unlike other Universities, Cavendish is aiming at “providing Market relevant Research based Education that will transform our students into educated, responsible employable but also entrepreneur-able citizens.”

“We understand that the world that we want can only happen if we train students in a way that will make it a reality. We are building the World for today and the future which makes it not only a success to the student but to the whole World.”

Steven Baryevuga, one of the key speakers advised students to create and maintain a good relationship with the members of the general public if they are to become successful individuals.

He further assured them that basing on the skills and knowledge imparted in them, they have higher chances of acquiring better jobs.

Anthony Ouma the senior Dealer at DFCU Bank advised students to always keep positive in their life because they are many opportunities along the way.

Diana Ongwech one of the Young lawyers in the country called upon students to respect everybody regardless of the status “because life is a journey.”

Cavendish University Uganda opened in 2008 with Kenneth Kaunda as the first Chancellor.

It has a total of 25000 students with Ugandans making 30% of the total population and 70 % of the students being from various countries of Africa including Somalia, Kenya , South Sudan, Zambia and Nigeria with the largest number.


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