State Seeks 14Year Jail Term for City Lawyer Bob Kasango

State Prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya has asked court to sentence city advocate Bob Kasango who was recently convicted by the High Court judge Justice Elizabeth Kabanda for issuing false documents and falsely obtaining Shs. 3.5billion from government on behalf of the Queen Mother of Tooro Best Kemigisha.

The lawyer had earlier been acquitted of the case filed by the Queen Mother, pills whose money for the piece of land she sold to government was siphoned by Kasango.

State prosecutor Muwaganya today asked the Buganda Road court Chief Magistrate to sentence Kasango to 14years imprisonment as provided in the Penal Code’s Section 271 C.

“The degree of loss was high to the side of the victim whereby she lost over 3.5 billion shillings. Theft and such offences are very rampant in society and therefore the convict deserves a deterrent sentence, ” he submitted.

Muwaganya added that the convict abused the trust placed in him when he was still working as counsel for the victim and that this could only be remedied by a severe sentence.

“It’s now 14 days ever since he was convicted but he has not shown any sign of remorse to the victim”

The prosecutor further informed court that the crime was well planned as money was paid on the convict’s law firm which he later transferred to his personal account, after which he gave the victim the impression that money had not yet been paid yet.

“The actions of the convict have greatly affected the victim by depriving her the right to use her money for a period of eight years, whereas in both the trial court and the appellant court the victim has spent too much money in transporting herself to court as well as transporting witnesses plus a private counsel who has been watching brief in her absence.”

Queen Mother Best Kemigisa arrives at court

Queen Mother Best Kemigisa arrives at court

In his reply to the above submission however, the lawyer Kasango informed the trial magistrate that although he is set to be sentenced, he still disagrees with the judgment of the high court and that he has filed a petition before the Constitutional Court challenging the ruling.

He noted that in the appellant court’s judgment, the amount which he is accused of stealing is not the same as that is accused of before the trial court and that even where the victim accepted having received a payment from him, the judge does not talk about it anywhere in her judgment.

“I accept the judgment of the High Court but I totally disagree with it. But your honor you must sentence me,” he said.

Kasango’s lawyer Rajab Arinaitwe asked court to grant his client a non-custodial sentence since he is a first offender with no criminal record against him and is the sole caretaker of his three children with his 70yr old sickly mother.

The magistrate has set the 31st of May as the date when which he will pronounce his sentence.


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