State Lawyers Skip Besigye Case Hearing

Dr Kizza Besigye

Hearing of the case in which Col Dr Kizza Besigye and other opposition leaders are charged with inciting violence, treatment injuring policemen and malicious damage in 2012 didn’t take place as planned today, order after the State Attorney and Dr. Besigye failed to show up before the Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court.

The state was supposed to bring the two remaining state witnesses in court but at the time of calling the case, medications   the state attorney Gloria Inzikuru  was nowhere  to be seen.

Also Dr. Besigye and his other co – accused Ingrid Turinawe Kamateneti, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, MPs Mubarak Munyagwa, Roland Kaginda Mugume and DP Vice President Imam Makumbi were all absent.

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In court was only the defense lawyer Justus Muhangi who told court that his clients were unable to come as Dr Besigye is out of the country as is in Netherlands.

The others Ingrid Turinawe, Lukwago, Munyagwa, Roland Kaginda and Imam Makumbi the lawyer said, were on their way coming when their vehicle developed mechanical problems in Masaka and they couldn’t make it.

The lawyer thus called for further adjournment of the matter.

The trial magistrate Moses Samuel Kagoda Ntende adjourned the case till 22nd May 2017.

It should be remembered however, that on January 12th, 2017 Dr Besigye vowed never to return to the Kabale court for the case that has dragged on since 2012, which he said was draining his resources.

His colleagues also resolved not to travel again to Kabale and said they will only be providing vital information to their lawyers.

These are charged for stirring events on the 12th July 2012 while addressing a 4GC rally at Kabale stadium, where they allegedly incited   the public that led to the injuring of four police officers and the destruction of three police vehicles.


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