State: How Akena Was Shot

Nakawa Grade one Magistrate Noah Ssajjabi has committed Quantum Logistics boss Mathew Kanyamunyu, medications his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari and elder brother Joseph Kanyamunyu to High Court for trial in connection to the murder of social worker, this Kenneth Akena.

On Tuesday, the state provided evidence that they intend to rely on during the trial of the case in High Court.

According to the evidence contained in an indictment from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Akena at the time of his death worked for an NGO called ACODER, based in Kasese district and had come to Kampala for a visit.

The evidence shows that Kanyamunyu owned a Toyota Prado Land Cruiser UAW 548 M and was being driven by his girlfriend Munwangari as they returned home on the day of the murder.

“On the night of November 12, police received information about a shooting around Kyadondo Rugby Ground and information indicated the victim had been rushed to a nearby hospital,” reads part of the indictment signed by the Assistant DPP Betty Khisa.

“That night, security personnel at Nakasero Hospital reported to Wandegeya police station that they had received a victim of shooting.”

According to the document, on reaching Nakasero hospital they found Akena still alive and were told that he had been taken there by Kanyamunyu, who was later arrested by police to help in investigations.

The indictment also shows that Akena was later transferred to Norvik hospital but died later.

What Happened
According to police investigations, at around 7pm on the fateful day, Akena who had parked along Jinja road waiting for his brothers tried to reverse his vehicle but knocked Kanyamunyu’s Toyota

“On realizing he had knocked someone’s car, he got out to meet and apologize to the owners but on approaching the car, Kanyamunyu who was in the co-driver’s seat got out with a pistol. Kanyamunyu, Munwangari and Akena were seen by bystanders engaged in an argument.

“Shortly, Kanyamunyu shot Akena who started crying for help.”

The state further says that the victim was then rushed to a private clinic where they were told that the former required immediate surgery but when asked for an identity, Kanyamunyu declined to answer.

“They were referred to Nakasero hospital for appropriate treatment. Here, the hospital staff asked Kanyamunyu what could have happened but could not say anything. The medical team then asked the victim who was still alive and told them he had been shot by the people who had brought him to hospital.”

Gun Missing
According to the indictment, Kanyamunyu’s brother, Joseph arrived at the hospital before police and parked his vehicle close to the one of his younger brother.

“He was seen by the security being given a pistol by Kanyamunyu and drove away and when a search was made in the Toyota Prado, the gun was nowhere to be seen,” reads the indictment.

According to the evidence tabled, when a search was mounted at Kanyamunyu’s house, a shirt stained with blood was recovered.


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