State House Official Found With No Toilet; Cautioned

There was drama yesterday in Ibanda, page where the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Mr. Eliasto Akatuheebwa went to resolve a feud between two locals at Karere Trading Center, clinic Bufunda Division in the Municipality; only to unravel much more than he anticipated.

The RDC, who had gone to settle a misunderstanding between a State House employee and a local councilor, was stunned to learn that the former had not built a toilet for his domestic employees.

Akatuheebwa ordered Mr Lawrence Byaruhanga, who works in the State House Finance Department and previously served as Ibanda District Finance Officer (We were yet to independently verify the State House position); to immediately construct a toilet for his workers in not more than two weeks.

Mr Byaruhanga’s employees, working mainly in his plantations and farms were apparently using a covered pit latrine, in an open bush a few meters away from the house.

Ibanda RDC Eliasto Akatuheebwa staring in disbelief at the toilet that was being used by Byaruhanga's employees

Ibanda RDC Eliasto Akatuheebwa staring in disbelief at the toilet that was being used by Byaruhanga’s employees

The Feud

Byarugaba according to locals, developed bad blood back in 2008 with a local councilor, a one Erasmas Turyasingura, over the latter’s thriving private school, which was performing better than his.

As the misunderstanding escalated, the State House official went to police and sued the councilor for threatening to kill him.

Turyasingura was arrested by police and remand at Nyabuhinkye Government Prison for two years until court cleared him of all wrong doing.

Early last week on January 15 however, the feud rose again after the councilor complained that Byaruhanga’s workers were crossing to his home to use his toilet.

He blocked them from coming again to his toilet.

In response however, Byaruhanga rushed to Ibanda Police station and came with officers who brutally arrested Councilor Turyasingura on allegations that he threatened violence against his workers.

The arrest this time caught the attention of the RDC Akatuheebwa, who rushed there and sought to unite the two.

However, on learning that Byaruhanga had not constructed a toilet at his house for his workers, the RDC was infuriated.

He ordered him to complete the toilet structure within two weeks or face the arm of the law.

During the visit, the RDC was also told that Byaruhanga was maltreating his neighbors, and confiscating their livestock.

On this matter, the locals were advised to report such cases to police.

He also advised the State House official to learn to live harmoniously with other society members and also to look after his workers.

Speaking during the meeting, the area LC III Chairman Mr. Benon Keimutsya praised the residents for not taking laws into their hands.

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