Stanbic Bank Uganda Launches Internet Banking App

Kevin Wingfield, Stanbic Banks ED & Head of Personal and Business Banking delivers his speech

Stanbic Bank has launched its ground-breaking new banking app to the Ugandan Market, page Chimp Corps report.

The Stanbic Bank App gives customers a single-view platform for all interaction with the services offered by the bank. Customers can access their business and personal accounts as well as insurance, buy wealth management and stockbroking activities in one go.

The App’s functionality includes comprehensive beneficiary management, payments to phone contacts, cash withdrawal services without a card, future-dated and recurring payments among others.

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“The Stanbic Bank’s app for smartphones will transform mobile banking and the way that customers experience banking. It is all about allowing the customer to dictate functionality and customise according to their needs, rather than the app dictating to the customer what should be prioritised”, Kevin Wingfield Stanbic Banks Head of personal and Business Banking announced at the launch event in Kampala.

“We looked at the ways that perennially connected smart mobile devices were changing customer behavior. The app was therefore developed to meet increasing demands for mobile banking by our customers.”

“The nature of how customers are engaging with banks is changing significantly as mobile devices have become ubiquitous. These tools are an extension of people’s lifestyles, and as banking is a part of everyday life, it is imperative for Stanbic Bank to occupy a pivotal place in that world.” Kevin explained.

“In line with our overall strategy we started with the customer in mind, taking an outside-in approach. We acknowledged that every customer’s needs are different, and we took care in designing a look and feel that customers could easily identify and interact with. The key is about creating an intuitive, user-friendly and interactive experience,” Josephine Kabaga Stanbic Banks head of priority banking added.

In addition to enhanced functionalities, new security features have also been added “The privacy and security of our customers is of the utmost importance to us and we have carried out extensive testing, and incorporated advanced security features similar to those found in internet banking,” says George Mukasa Stanbic Banks head of Risk. For transactions that require greater security – like creating a beneficiary – an additional One Time Password will be sent to the customer’s phone.

At the same function Stanbic also launched it’s the Stanbic Priority pass a new value added service that allows Stanbic private account holders to access VIP airport lounges across the globe.


Josephine Kagada revealed “In addition to being able to access the 850 lounges in 120 countries across the world regardless of their class of travel, our priority pass holders will be able to use the business facilities, enjoy complimentary refreshments   and use conferencing facilities without a need to make cash payments as the fees are billed to their accounts later.”

“So whether you want to take advantage of the facilities or simply sit back and relax the pass will allow you to escape the crowded departure halls and wait for your flight in peace and comfort” She concluded.


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