Stakeholders to Discuss Evolution of Uganda’ Assessment, Examination System

Education Minister Janet Museveni will officially open the symposium

The Ministry of Education and Sports, click in partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), check has organized a Symposium on assessment and examinations in Uganda.

The symposium, under the theme “Evolution of Uganda’s assessment and examinations system: Current and future prospects”, will aim at gathering views and information that would assist in generating recommendations for improved reforms in the assessment and examinations of Uganda.

Janet K. Museveni, the Minister of Education and Sports, is expected to officially open the symposium in the presence of Ministry officials and key education stakeholders for a two day dialogue with the objective to share and discuss existing policies, practice, evidence and experience in the current assessment and examination system.

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Stakeholders will also agree on focus areas in order to enhance the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and equity of the system in the next 5 years.

The theme of assessment and examination is a hot topic in Uganda. Assessments are key components of our education system and play a critical role in the students’ learning.

It is argued from different perspectives that the current assessment and examination system is not fully responding to Uganda’s needs in terms of developing its citizens for the current and future economic, social and political circumstances to match the national vision 2040 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Hence, the need to focus on the improvement of assessment and examination system to limit the practice of teaching only to pass exams and to foster better learning outcomes in and outside the classroom.

The scope of the symposium, according to officials, is limited to assessment and examinations both formative and summative at primary, secondary school levels and other training institutions that present candidates for national examinations for award of diploma and certificate.

Therefore, the focus is on schools currently examined by UNEB, Certificate and Diploma Awarding Institutions, Vocational/Technical institutions assessed by Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board and household based assessment and exams.

The stakeholders will elaborate a list of challenges that need to be addressed in order to improve the system.

Moreover, the dialogue shall generate a common understanding of the roles that different institutions, agencies and organisations need to undertake in order for a reform effort to succeed; what needs to be done, how it could be done and who would take the lead to achieve the desired assessment and examinations reform.


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