Ssematimba Petitions Against High Court Ruling

Peter Sematimba

The elected Busiro South Member of Parliament Peter Ssematimba, ailment http://comerydivertirse.com/wp-includes/user.php who was yesterday ousted from the House by the High Court over academic papers, more about is appealing the ruling.

Ssematimba announced on Saturday that he would file his application challenging Justice Lydia Mugambe’s ruling on Monday.

The High Court Judge on Friday ruled in favor of Ssematimba’s challenger in last February’s election, Steven Ssekigozi who petitioned the court challenging the validity of Ssematimba’s qualifications.

The court found out that the defendant’s certificate of equivalency issued to him by the National Council for Higher Education had errors in it and was errantly signed.

In a short statement, the ejected legislator apologized to his supporters for the “bad news” but offered them hope.

“Not all is lost,” he said. “ On Monday I am filing my appeal at the Court of Appeal. We’re also informing the Clerk of Parliament of my appeal on Monday. By doing this, I will legally remain the Honorable MP of Busiro South throughout my court appeal process.”

He added, “Let no one lie to you therefore that I’m no longer our MP. The truth is I am the MP and I will remain so throughout the new appeal court process Let me assure you also that I/we are going to win the appeal, in Jesus’ name. So be strong, and have faith. The victory is ours in Jesus’ name… and I am still the Hon. MP of Busiro South.”

The Democratic Party whose candidate Ssekigozi emerged triumphant from court has been rubbing hands, preparing to regain the constituency.

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