South Sudan

SPLA to Try Officers for Murder, Looting

South Sudan is slated to try its soldiers implicated in criminal acts in the recent clashes

The South Sudan mainstream faction of the national army is set to try officers who were involved in the deadly July gun clashes in capital Juba starting today Friday.

The Spokesman of the SPLA in Government, there Brig. Lul Ruai Koang made the announcement on Thursday that the errant officers are to face up to murder charges that carries the maximum sentence of death on conviction.

The army court council is however expected to first deal with the combatants who participated in the mass looting and sporadic gunfire that claimed hundreds of lives.

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“This is to inform the people of South Sudan, more about region and the international community as well as Media agencies/journalists accredited to South Sudan that the first Court appearance of SPLA soldiers accused of committing crimes during last month’s crisis will start on 5/8/2016, diagnosis ” part of the statement from the Spokesman reads.

“Charges ranges from looting, loitering to random shooting.”

The worst gun battle happened right inside the Presidential Palace where 300 lives were lost in the space of two hours in a clash between the elite bodyguards of President Salva Kiir and his embattled First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar on 8th July.

On 10th July fighting spread to all parts of the city including the United Nation’s compound in Jebel where hundreds of thousands were seeking refuge.

An armored vehicle of the UN peace keepers was hit with a shell killing two soldiers. Meanwhile looting extended up to the World Food Program stores that were ransacked by the armed men in army uniforms and everything were taken.

The spokesman indicated that the investigations on murder cases are still going on and their trial will begin immediately the probe is completed.

“Trials for those accused of murder will start as soon as investigations are completed.” The statement however did not mention rape that was reported by many relief agencies operating in the fragile nation.


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