South Sudan

SPLA Orders Soldiers to Return to Barracks

South Sudan combatants have reportedly been looting the streets of Juba

The South Sudan army leadership has ordered all soldiers not attached to units effective in the capital Juba to quickly leave the streets and return to barracks.

The Chief of General Staff of SPLA faction under President Slava Kiir also known as SPLA- In Government, dosage Gen. Paul Mawan Malong on Monday afternoon issued the order that was sent on army radio and also aired national broadcaster SSBC.

Juba city and surrounding areas have been tense with heavy and light shelling between the government and opposition forces of Vice President Dr. Riek Machar.

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The order also stressed that any government soldier found looting is going to be arrested or shot in the event of resistance.

“SPLA soldiers loitering in the suburbs of Juba have been ordered back to barracks, more about ” part of the order reads.

“Anyone (soldier) found looting is going to be arrested. Anyone resisting (arrest) will be shot.”

SPLA soldiers reportedly looted in Juba on Sunday that was characterized by fighting the whole day.

It remains unclear who is giving orders to soldiers fighting on both sides since both Kiir and Machar have distanced themselves from the clashes that have claimed over 270 lives mainly combatants.

On Friday evening that recorded 272 deaths, Kiir and Machar who were both at the presidential palace told the nation that they were ignorant of the events happening at the same compound.

The bodyguards of the two principals started a clash that lasted for hours. The two leaders had convened to address a similar incident on Thursday that claimed the lives of 5 government soldiers.


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