South Sudan

SPLA-IG: Machar’s Forces are 90 Miles out of Juba

The South Sudan government forces under President Salva Kiir have refuted reports that the fighters of opposition leader, visit this Dr. Riek Machar have surrounded the capital Juba.

The Spokesman of the government army known as SPLA- In Government, cure Brig. Lul Ruai Koang issued a statement on Monday morning saying the SPLA- In Opposition combatants are 90 miles away from the capital and also fleeing from the administrative center.

“It’s good to inform our people that Juba is well protected by Gallant SPLA Forces and that SPLA IO fighters are fleeing westwards in disarray with its top political and military leadership having lost complete command and control, buy more about ” part of his statement seen by ChimpReports said.

“The last small group of IO fighters who fled Juba last month was sighted 90Miles northwest of Juba.”

There were reports over the weekend that the opposition fighters were preparing for an assault on Juba to forcefully eject President Kiir from power.

Machar’s camp also said last week that if the African Union proposed IGAD forces are deployed in time, their forces will roll to Juba.

However according to Brig. Ruai, Juba is free of any security threat and the SPLA-IG forces are ready to protect the capital in case of any eventuality.

“SPLA GHQS would like to inform the people of South Sudan in general and residents of Juba in particular that there is no imminent security threat to Juba contrary to what has been circulating.”

ChimpReports understand fighting has been going on in Juba County in the Central Equatoria and on Saturday the rebel forces raided Kiir’s cattle farm in Luri which is 15kms from the capital and they
disappeared with about 2000 cows.

War broke out between the two groups early last month killing over 300 people and displacing thousands both internally and to the neighboring countries.


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