South Sudan

SPLA Denies Ethiopian Army Invasion Allegations

Ethiopian soldiers

The South Sudan national army, purchase SPLA has denied reports that the neighboring Ethiopian armed forces have violated the territorial integrity of their country.

Some sections of the media in South Sudan early this week reported that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces invaded their western neighbor, find following the recent attack by the armed South Sudan’s Murle tribe that killed 280 people abducted over a hundred and looted about 2000 heads of cattle.

The devastating attack happened in the Ethiopian Gambella region, forcing Ethiopian army to heavily deploy at the border.

In a statement issued by the SPLA Spokesman, Brig. Lul Ruai Koang on Friday evening, he said the Ethiopian forces have not crossed the border.

“The SPLA GHQs would like to inform and assure the public that the territorial integrity of our country has not been violated in any way by Ethiopian Forces and hence should treat news circulating on social
media as unjustified negative media campaign against a reputable army from a friendly and sisterly country that had done so much to the government and the people of South Sudan,” part of the statement reads.

He added that on the contrary, the two armies are working together and no aggression has been registered or committed by the Ethiopian forces.

“SPLA GHQs has formed a five men Committee to coordinate with the Ethiopian Forces and as things stand, South Sudan’s Deputy Defense Minister and Boma State Governor are moving together to oversee recovery operations.”

The Gambella region attack is threatening the diplomatic relations between the two nations with rumors that the Ethiopian Prime Minister Haillemariam Desalegn made an “angry” phone call to South
Sudan’s President Salva Kiir demanding to know where the Murle warriors got the training and the arms from.

The army Spokesman however stressed that everything is under control and the SPLA Chief of Staff, Gen. Paul Malong travelled to Ethiopia where he met his counterpart.

“This unfortunate development necessitated the need for SPLA Chief of General Staff to travel to Addis Ababa to meet his Ethiopian counterpart. The two army chiefs agreed to conduct joint operations
aimed at recovering abducted children and looted livestock.”


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