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SPECIAL REPORT: Inside Nalufenya Police Special Operations Base Gunfire

PC Godfrey Wafula was among the victims of the Nalufenya shootings on Tuesday

When Kale Kayihura was appointed Inspector General of Police (IGP) in 2005, recipe he inherited a hugely inefficient and colonial police force.

The law enforcement body lacked the resources and personnel to deal with global security threats such as cyber crimes and terrorism.

It was the military charged with combating armed and hardcore criminals especially in Kampala.

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He would later embark on an ambitious project to reform and modernize the Uganda Police Force.

The need to swiftly equip and train police was further justified by the 2010 twin terror attacks in Kampala that left a trail of death, cheapest destruction and fear.

This situation gave birth to the Canine Unit, Bikers’ Squad, Forensics Department, Counter Intelligence Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Commando Force and Counter Terrorism Squad – all under police.

What still stands out today is the Police Counter Terrorism Unit. Its members have received specialized commando training not only from Uganda but also foreign countries like Israel.

The special force is said to be at the same level of training with elite military units in the country; the difference being the uniform.

“These are some of our best national guards. Their training is purely military but with specialized skills on combating deadly armed terrorist gangs,” said a source in police.

“They are disciplined and respect orders.”

It was no surprise, according to our source, that several cops who tried to access Police Special Operations Base at Nalufenya in Jinja at awkward hours were gunned down on Tuesday night.

The shooting at the tightly-guarded base has since caused unease in the police and entire structures of the armed forces.

It’s here that hardcore criminals are held and interrogated.

Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) Commander Jamil Mukulu was briefly detained from this facility before being transferred to Luzira Maximum security prison.

Chimp Corps who checked out the base on Wednesday observed: “It’s very weird that Nalufenya has no single policeman guarding the base from outside. They are normally not less than ten.”

The Corp further said even the police mamba has been removed from the banks of River Nile.

How the killings occurred  

Police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi said two policemen attached to Counter Terrorism Nalufenya Detach, died in a shootout early Tuesday, November 22, 2016, from bullets fired by one of their fellow officer.

The victims, who included Police Constable Simon Niwamanya and PC Godfrey Wafula, were deployed as station guards on routine patrol and surveillance at the detach.

“The two in observing the strict security guidelines at the facility had blocked a group of 8 officers from entering the barracks at the ordinary hour. However, two members from the group, identified as; Police Constable Felix Chandia and Police Constable Adinani, attempted to access the barracks through the fence, and were suspected to be intruders,” said Kaweesi.

He added: “During the process, a set of circumstances, in an attempt to evade arrest, led to a chaotic environment that forced one of the officers to fire control bullets that accidentally shot and killed the two colleagues.”

The shooting was kept under wraps on Tuesday until ChimpReports broke the news on Wednesday.

Kaweesi said the officer who allegedly shot and nice others are in custody, while the bodies to the deceased persons were transported to Mulago National Referral Hospital for post mortem and further burial arrangements.

He further revealed that a team from the headquarters has been dispatched to “conduct thorough investigations to establish the exact sequence of events, as well as review and update the security precautions at the facility to help guard against such risks of casualties from friendly fire.”


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