Speaker Kadaga Throws Out Age Limit Bill

Parliament Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has rejected the proposed constitutional amendment that sought to extend retirement age of Judicial Officers and strike off the term limits of the Independent Electoral Commissioners.

Kadaga in a heated Wednesday evening plenary session deduced that the private members’ Bill was not urgent and likely to cause a constitutional crisis.

The Bill, viagra crafted by Nakifuma MP, capsule Robert Ssekitoleko was already causing tension amongst politicians including those from the ruling party and members of the public.

It was seen by many as a precursor to amend article 102 of the Constitution to remove the Presidential Age limit.

“There is no urgency in the Age Limit Bill. If I allow it now it will open opportunity to any member to bring any constitutional amendment, seek ” Kadaga said while presiding over the discussion to allow Ssekitoleko officially table the bill on the floor of parliament.

Earlier during the session, the speaker had denied knowledge of the bill revealing that her deputy Jacob Oulanya who presided over the first debate hadn’t properly briefed her.

She noted that Oulanya had not briefed her on what happened to guide the next course of action.

In the course of today’s plenary, the government chief, Ruth Nankabirwa attempted without success, to convince the speaker that Ssekitoleko’s Bill was properly introduced on the floor on August 25th and allowed by the deputy speaker.

She added that the only remaining thing was the debate to give Ssekitoleko a chance to defend his Bill and the plenary debate.

However, drama unfolded as it emerged that the supposed seconder of the Bill, Dokolo North MP, Paul Amoru was out of the country in Malawi.

The Tororo County MP, Annet Nyakecho Okwenye was subsequently appointed by Ssekitoleko to replace Amoru but members dramatically rejected her as she is battling a case in court and can’t be allowed to talk on a matter involving Judiciary.

Hon. Peter Ogwang of Osuk County finally seconded the Bill quoting the official record of 9th Parliament where the opposition proposed the increasing of age limit of Supreme Court Judges to 75 but all this fell to the deaf ears of the speaker.

After the Bill wsa thrown put, Mps, mostly from the opposition and some from the ruling NRM broke into celebrations on the floor of parliament praising the speaker’s courage.

Some of the were heard chanting ” No Change, Kadaga, No Change.”

MPs celebrating on the floor (Photo by: Nixon Segawa/ChimpReports)

MPs celebrating on the floor (Photo by: Nixon Segawa/ChimpReports)


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