Speaker Kadaga Returns to Spiritual Nhyenda Hill

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga attending the prayers for the founders of the Baise Igaga Clan

The speaker of Parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga this weekend returned to the Spiritual Nenda hill before joining in the annual commemoration and prayers for the founders of the Baise Igaga Clan at Nhyenda village, thumb Nakigo sub-county in Iganga district.

The Nhyenda hill is said to be sacred and possesses special powers which multitudes of locals seek after.

The speaker last year sparked uproar when she was accused of practicing syncretism and devil worshipping, when she went to the ‘sacred’ place. She had confessed that she went there to thank her ancestors for her election triumph.

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In this year’s visit, Kadaga reiterated her last year’s statement that she is no devil worshipper and that she is not looking for wealth.

She also noted that her visiting the place doesn’t mean her lack of faith in God or the scriptures, but she only goes there as a person who belongs to the clan and people that revere the place.

During the tour, she equated Nhyenda Hill to Namugongo Matyrs Shrine which is thronged by Christian pilgrims every year.

Commenting on the cultures and traditions of the Basoga people, the speaker expressed fear that the Lusoga language is dying out fast due to modernity and adaptation of foreign languages.

This she said was a major threat to the kingdom.

She also condemned the vogue of distorting by mingling Lusoga with other languages, and also the practice of parents trying to separate the children from their traditions.

The annual commemoration event was presided over by the Bishop for Central Busoga Diocese Wakula Patric, who appealed to the people to have faith and trust in God.

In his sermon, the bishop placed emphasis on educating the young generation and reconciliation. He also condemned the growing practice of people tending to fight against the successes of their neighbours which he abbreviated as PhD (Pull Him Down), saying that this was dangerous to Basoga society as a whole.


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