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South Sudanese Man Beheaded by ISIS Named

Kuol Deng was killed by ISIS

A South Sudanese national who was decapitated on Sunday in Libya by the Islamic State also known as ISIL has been identified as Kuol Deng.

According to diplomatic sources, view cialis 40mg the documents seized from the man by ISIL indicated that he was working in the Libyan Eastern city of Benghazi.

Mr. Kuol was reportedly with all his family in Libya including a wife and children.

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The safety of his family members could not be established since no one yet knows where exactly he was captured from.

Kuol was hailing from President Salva Kiir’s state of Warrap, according to reports yet to be confirmed by the South Sudan government.

“They took his passport and work permit. The names on the documents are Kuol Deng. It`s certainly… precisely that,” said a source.

The self-styled brutal ISIS on Sunday beheaded the South Sudanese on grounds that that his country was persecuting Muslims.

Weird claims

A video posted on YouTube by ISIS who largely uses social media for radical propaganda shows a characteristically dark skin and tall man who innocently introduces himself as a South Sudanese.

The habitually masked man on the video dressed in full black gruesomely drew the sword and decapitated the man whose hands were tied behind.

The victim was dressed in the usual orange color outfit. The video is yet to be authenticated by the authorities.

The claims by ISIS that Muslims are suffering injustices in South Sudan shocked many considering there has not been any reported targeting of Muslim population in the various conflicts in the world`s youngest nation.

The fighting in South Sudan is mainly ethnic.

The light skinned ISIS swordsman kept on referring to the South Sudan as “Christian aggressors”.

South Sudan is predominantly Christian with the estimated 18 percent of Muslim population.

The ISIS militants have thrives in the absence of a state in Libya, killing Africans in the troubled North African country.

In February the radical group released a video showing the beheading of 21 Ethiopian Christians – days after mercilessly butchering about a dozen of Egyptian Coptic Christians.


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