South Sudan

South Sudan: UPDF Worried Following Evacuation

A South Sudanese family arrives in Uganda after evacuation by the UPDF (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Only hours after the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) ended its evacuation of Ugandans from the war-ravaged South Sudan, symptoms the army is worried about what is slated to happen in Africa’s youngest nation.

According to the army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, viagra 60mg the situation is expected to worsen following the evacuation which would break down trade between Uganda and South Sudan.

“We expect the main Juba Nimule road to be cut off and trade between the two neighboring countries would stall, there ” Lt Col Ankunda told ChimpReports on Wednesday morning.

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“We are sure they will go for each other and as neighbors we are concerned. There will be no more trade due to the impassable road linking the two countries.”

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday evening, the UPDF evacuation team commander, Brig Kayanja Muhanga said the capital Juba was safe but noted this was not the case with the main Juba-Nimule highway which is risky.

“The main highway has many ambushes carried out by different armed groups and the road is not safe at all,” Brig Muhanga noted.

However, the army spokesperson says Uganda has no mandate to secure South Sudan after evacuation of people stressing that this can only be done after requests from bodies including the UN, IGAD and the African Union.

“We know government will consider any such requests at an appropriate time. If UN, IGAD or the African Union consider the mandate, then we can see if Uganda can deploy,” said Ankunda.

The African Union on Tuesday resolved that regional countries including Uganda and Sudan deploy forces in South Sudan.


Brig Kyanda who said the Ugandan army’s mission in Sudan ended successfully, adding they would wait for guidance on the next step.

South Sudan remains Uganda’s leading export destination but  figures  from the Trade and Industry ministry indicate that export earnings from the troubled country dropped from Shs1.3 trillion($414M) in 2013 when fighting broke out to Shs 1.1 trillion($353M) in 2015.

It was recently reported that Uganda loses about Shs 3.3 billion every day since fighting broke out a few weeks ago.

At least 20,000 people including Ugandans, Kenyans and Rwandans have been evacuated from the country.


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