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South Sudan: UPDF Saved us From Possible Genocide

Brig Kayanja receiving a gift from the Defence Minister  Gen Kuol Manyang this week in South Sudan

Kayihura Warns against Violence in NRM Primaries

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura has vowed to crack down on all militia groups organized by candidates ahead of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party primaries on Monday 26.

The IGP told journalists last night at the Police headquarters in Naguru that security forces have learnt that several candidates and parties have organized vigilantes and as well hired goons to beat up their opponents which could spark off violence across the country.

“Due to several violent incidents that have characterized the party primaries in the recently concluded elections, dosage we felt it’s important to alert the country that the State is in control and will not allow any violence, store ” Kayihura warned.

“We have learnt that several groups which include among others; Kalangala Action Plan by Maj. Gen. Kakooza Mutale, more about Solida by the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, Kifasi, One Blood group, Red Belt, Kagirita, B 13 in Luweero and Kasoro group have already been hired by different candidates to exercise violence against their opponents,” revealed the police boss.

“We want to assure the country that Police won’t allow organized criminality to continue and we have therefore launched an operation that is led by police and intelligence to stop the trend of formation of criminal groups.”

The warning comes against the backdrop of an ambush of Rushenyi County MP Mwesigwa Rukutana’s car in Ntungamo on Friday night.

The car was smashed with stones by supporters of Rukutana’s rivals.

Kayihura said leaders of militias “must disband their groups because police will come for them; we advise them to begin being law abiding.”

The IGP singled out Hoima, Bundibugyo, Katakwi and Isingiro districts as having experienced high levels of criminality during campaigns for NRM primaries.

“Primaries must take place without violence; people must know that elections are not warfare,” charged Kayihura who was flanked by ISO boss Brig Ronnie Balya and other army officers.

Kayihura has also warned against bribing of voters using money and material goods, saying perpetrators will be arrested.
The Government of South Sudan (GoSS) this week organized a send-off ceremony for the Uganda People’s Defence Forces to mark the official end of operations by Uganda’s military in South Sudan.

The South Sudan Minister of Defence, price Hon. Gen Kuol Manyang Juuk, no rx on behalf of the GoSS, malady thanked the UPDF for averting a would-be genocide in South Sudan and preventing massive destruction in Juba and other places.

He noted that the UPDF restored relative peace and security in the last 22 months, which has enabled uninterrupted resumption of humanitarian operations, socio-economic activities to take place and ensured the return of internally displaced people to their homes.

He further added that UPDF intervention in the South Sudan crisis was very appropriate and a gesture of true brotherhood and bilateral cooperation between Uganda and South Sudan.

“We thank Uganda for the support given to South Sudan, at a critical time of need, regardless of the criticism from the region and the international community,” Gen Kuol said adding that Uganda supported the GoSS without being compensated, as a gesture of regional solidarity.

“The GoSS did not pay Uganda in this operation, because the UPDF is not a mercenary force,” he said.

Ugandan forces entered South Sudan in December 2013 following an outbreak of war in the country.

The sacked Vice President Dr Riek Machar attempted a coup which was crushed by the SPLA forces.

The UPDF too over Bor after a fierce fight with with Machar’s While Army miltia, thus guarding a key route o Juba.

The Ugandan forces were also in charge of protecting key state installations including Juba International Airport.


Gen Koul said the UPDF and SPLA has had a long history of cooperation which dates back to among others, jointly fighting Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda, South Sudan, and later in Central African Republic.

The Defence Minister presented souvenirs, on behalf of the GoSS/SPLA, to the UPDF in “recognition of the sacrifices made by the gallant UPDF troops while restoring peace in South Sudan.”

Minister for National Security of South Sudan, Gen Mamur Obuto Mete said UPDF’s quick response not only averted genocide but also ensured no spill over effects of the chaos to the neighbouring Countries.

He emphasized African nationalism, Pan-Africanism and unity of African Countries in pursuing their interests and resisting foreign interferences.

The Chief of the General Staff for SPLA (CGS) Gen Paul Malong Awan said: “We honour our UPDF brothers who died during the struggle to save millions of people who were in dreadful situation at the time. We as individuals may go but the two nations will always remain brothers and jointly deal with complex situations ahead.”

The commander of the UPDF withdrawing force, Brig Muhanga Kayanja thanked the GoSS for all the support rendered to UPDF for the last 22 months in the theatre and appreciated the hospitality accorded to the Ugandans doing business in South Sudan.

He said Uganda and South Sudan are dependent on each other in terms of trade and security.

Brig Kayanja said it was pleasing to note that, “for the 22 months of operation in South Sudan, the UPDF was never reported or involved in conflict with any civilian community and the friendly forces. This is attributed to UPDF professionalism and discipline.”

Other senior SPLA officials at the function included, among others; Lt Gen Malual Ayom Dor (Deputy CGS for Administration/Ops Comdr Jonglei State), Lt Gen Ruben Malek (Deputy CGS-Logistics), Maj Gen Marial Chanuong Yol (Commander of the Presidential Republican Guards).


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