South Sudan

South Sudan Parliament Ratifies Peace Deal

The South Sudan National Assembly has ratified the recently signed peace deal between the government of President Salva Kiir and the rebel movement of Dr. Riek Machar.

The Compromised Peace Agreement deal was on Thursday morning presented to the joint sitting of the National Assembly and Council of States by the country`s Justice minister, more about search Paulion Wanawilla.

The house chaired by the Speaker of the house, treat Menasse Magok Rundhial unanimously adopted the deal that is also meant to usher in the transitional government of national unity.

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Mr. Kiir and Dr. Machar who militarily faced each other for 21 months decided to peacefully resolve their difference last month in the agreement mediated by the regional body IGAD and the world powers including United States, United Kingdom and others.

Though two weeks passed, part of the agreement dictates that the country`s Parliament should approve one week after its signing and indeed it was fulfilled today.

‘‘The matter before us this morning is in accordance with article 1 of chapter 8 of the agreement which provides that the agreement shall upon signature be presented to and adopted within 7days by the national legislature in the Republic of South Sudan,” The Justice minister told the house.

The same agreement is expected to be adopted by the rebel`s Pagak Leadership Conference assembly which is the highest decisive organ of the movement that controls parts of the country.

South Sudan degenerated into a political turmoil in late 2013 when the president accused his former vice of plotting an alleged foiled coup.

The conflict became one of the most brutal in the world characterized by worst human atrocities including burning of people to deaths, rape of women without exception of minors and conscription of children into combat among others.

According to United Nations about 20,000 lives have been claimed by the conflict, close to two million people displaced internally and over half a million to the neighboring countries.


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