South Sudan

South Sudan: Mabior Garang Sacked as Kiir Shuffles Cabinet

Mabior Garang

South Sudan’s Minister for Water and Resources, page Mabior Garang has been fired, visit this site Chimp Corps report.

Mabior, the son of the country’s founding father, John Garang, was kicked out on Tuesday night according to a Republican Decree 291/2016AD read on South Sudan television.

Mabior, who this week said the Transitional Government of National Unity led by President Salva Kiir had been ousted, was among the opposition ministers serving in the loose cabinet.

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Other opposition ministers removed from office include Alfred Lado Gore (Interior), Dak Duop (Petroleum), Peter Adwok (Higher Education), Peter Marcello (Labour) and Mary Lodira (Land Housing).

The Deputy Ministers who were sent packing are Duop Lam (Interior) and Elizabeth Achuei (Labour).

It is becoming clear that the peace agreement signed between President Kiir and rebel leader Dr Riek Machar is collapsing.

The fired ministers were recommended by opposition during the formation of the transitional government which regional leaders thought would form the basis for stabilizing the country.

The country slipped into yet another round of violence in July when government troops clashed with Dr Machar’s elite bodyguards at the presidential palace.

300 were killed on the spot, triggering a political crisis.

In total, 60,000 people have fled the country since violence broke out in Juba last month, bringing the overall number of South Sudanese refugees in neighboring countries since December 2013 to nearly 900,000.

ChimpReports understands the fired ministers were too close to Dr Machar.

They were replaced by Michael Tiangjiek Mut – Minister of Interior; Ezekiel Lul – Min of Petroleum; Alfred Lado – Minister of Land Housing; Gabriel Duop Lam – Minister of Labour; Gabriel Thok Deng – Minister of Mining; Yien O.L. Tut – Minister of Higher Education and Sofia A. Gai – Minister of Water Resources.

Rieu Gatliek Gai will serve as Deputy Minister of Interior while Allan Natake takes over as Deputy Minister of Labour.

President Kiir also appointed new Presidential Advisors.

They are Gabriel Yol Dok – Social Service Delivery; Michael Mario Dhuor – Reforms Evaluation and Ramadhan H. Laku – Good Governance

At least 10 opposition MPs were removed from the National Leadership Assembly.

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