South Sudan

South Sudan Arrests 76 Al-Shabaab Suspects

36 of the terror suspects were arrested in Juba, from where UPDF solders this afternoon set sail back to Uganda after a 21 months successful foreign mission.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission (EC) has appealed to all party members to exercise a high level of discipline as they climax the party primaries, medical hospital to avoid fighting and division since they are all members of one family.

NRM will be conducting the final phase of the primary elections on Monday October 26, online for flag bearers in the Parliamentary (including women Representatives), Local Council 5, Lord Mayor and Municipal mayors; ahead of the October 30th Delegates Conference at Namboole.

“We would like assure all Ugandans that the exercise will be conducted peacefully, transparently and successfully throughout the country,” noted the NRM EC Chairman, Dr. TangaOdoi on Saturday.

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Dr. Tanga told journalists at the party secretariat in Kampala that the commission is in its final stages of preparations.

“The registers are being checked, verified and ballot papers are packed; I want to assure the public that we have ballot papers for all constituencies in the different categories to be voted upon on Monday.”

“All Polling materials will be secured by the Uganda Police Force from the time they are produced right through voting. Polling materials will be delivered to police stations for onward delivery to polling centers on Monday morning ahead of voting time.”

Tanga revealed that in a bid to ensure effective monitoring of the entire process, supervision teams have been created and allocated different districts and sub regions.

“This time round, we are not leaving anything to chance, we have created teams and new faces will be coming to districts to monitor the performance of our officials as a counter measure for any aspect of corruption and rigging in the coming election.”

“Any report given which has evidence of malpractice, that election will not be allowed to pass through; I ask district officials to cooperate with the officials we shall send.”

He added that declaration forms which have been a problem will not be this time, since every candidate’s agent must be given a declaration form.

“These forms are not generic; the ones in Mayuge cannot be used to declare someone in Tororo since they have serial numbers for particular districts.”

Tanga called upon registrars to desist from bribery from any candidate warning that anybody found shall be sent to police cells.


The government of South Sudan says it has in detention 76 people suspected to be elements of the dreadful Somalia based terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

The announcement was made after a weekly Council of Ministers’ meeting on Friday by the Cabinet Affairs minister, pharmacy Mr. Martin Elia who said the suspects were arrested from two different positions in the country and are being held by security as investigation into their unknown intentions kick off.

The intelligence branch of the SPLA, visit web National Security officers arrested 36 of the alleged suspects from the capital Juba where UPDF solders this afternoon set sail back to Uganda after a 21 months successful foreign mission.

The other 40 suspects were allegedly apprehended from Northern Bar-el-Ghazel trying to forge their way to the neighboring Republic of Sudan.

“Our able officers of the National Security have arrested 76 Al-Shabaab suspects from Juba and others from the Northern Bar-el-Ghazel who were looking for ways to enter into our northern neighbor (Sudan). They were all taken to safe security detention centers awaiting investigation, ” Mr. Alia told journalists in Juba.

The minister also mentioned that the suspects are of Somali and Kenyan-Somali origin.

The UPDF, which has been at the forefront of eliminating the Somali terror group, was yet to make a statement about the development.

It remains unclear if the arrest is connected with the brutal murder of a South Sudanese national who was beheaded in Libya by the Middle East militants ISIS.

Kuol Deng hailing from Warrap State was beheaded on Sunday last week in the Libyan eastern city of Benghazi where scores of Ethiopian Christians and Egyptian Coptic Christians were similarly butchered by the same group.

The black masked ISIS swordsman who beheaded Kuol made a rehearsed statement saying the victim was paying for the “crimes” being committed by his government against the Muslims in the world’s youngest nation.

The Cabinet Affairs minister during the Friday briefing however did not talk about this incident, the first of its kind in the country’s history.



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