Soroti: 290 Students Suspended Over Violent Strike

Church of Uganda Vocational Training Institute in Soroti has suspended 292 students over indulging themselves into a violent strike that left property worth millions shillings destroyed.

The Chairperson board of governors of the Institution, erectile Canon Patrick Ouke said the 292 students were suspended for orchestrating a violent strike on Sunday night at around 08:00PM.

According to Ouke, what is ed the strike was sparked off when the school Principal Rev. Julius Apedu on Sunday night caught two students having sex at the girls dormitory.

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He said that, ampoule when the School principal took action against the suspect (Philemon Omoding), the students decided to lock the gate and stoned the school windows, doors and destroyed the school gate, police patrols van and other school property.

“We decided today (Monday) as the board of governors and the school administration to sit to discuss their fate and we resolved that the students be sent home for two weeks as required by the school rules. We gave them a chance to explain themselves but they all decided to go mute and nobody gave a view as to why they went on strike, so they will pay for their action later” Ouke added.

He further confirmed that, the students will later after two weeks report back together with their parents so as to enable them resume with their studies.

Rev. Julius Apedu, the school principal further told ChimpReports that, they were not ready to suspend the students but the students went mute when called for a meeting to explain as to why they went violent.

Apedu added that, the condition at the school is insecure and has forced them as administration to suspend the students as their muteness meant they were ready to do more harm to the institution.

Meanwhile, some of the students who preferred of anonymity said, they went off rampage not only over the arrest by the principal but also to fight his bad characters.

They accused the principal for operating in greed, intrigue and hypocrisy that they claim’s is now killing the institution.

The students also accuse their principal of having eaten up the guild fee which they (Students) do not know where the money goes after they pay.

“The principal is running the institute like it’s his own personal business, which we (students) totally disagree with. We shall again go on strike if he doesn’t change his attitude”, The suspended students warned.

However in his response, Principal Apedu denied the allegations calling them as sham and the way students are clearing their names.

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