Somali Terror Suspect Ready to Testify Against Co-accused

The Kisenyi Terror suspects in court

Sandir Muhammed Muhamood, web one of the eight Somali nationals who were arrested in Kisenyi in September 2014 for hatching the bomb attack on Kampala, stuff has decided to testify against his co-accused.

While appearing before the International Crimes Division Court, prescription State Prosecutor Lilian Omara told Justice Elizabeth Nahamya that Muhammed entered a plea bargaining agreement accepting to plead guilty of the charges against him in exchange for a lenient sentence.

Muhamood and his co-accused are said to have rented a Hotel room from where they were coordinating activities with a terror group Al-Shabab/Al-queada to bomb Kampala.

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These are charged with Terrorism and concealment of terror activities.

The suspects had appeared before Justice Elizabeth Nahamya for a pre-trial hearing yesterday.

Muhamood according to DPP’s findings is a habitual offender who was once sentenced to death by a Somali court after being convicted of Terorism but later pardoned by the President, after which he relocated to Uganda but remained in touch with the terror group.

Justice Nahamya promised to forward his plea-bargain agreement to the panel of 3 trial justices for deliberation.

In the meantime the matter was adjourned to Monday next week and state ordered to produce all  exhibits allegedly recovered from the suspects.



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