SMS Promo to Determine East Africa’s Best Musicians


Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has called on government to explain reasons behind the heavy deployment in Ssese Island Kalangala district.
“We have received many phone calls from DP leaders and members worried and concerned about the heavy deployment of the army and police to the island which has left many with unanswered questions about the security in the area, cure http://contemporarydancevideos.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/after-the-deadline/config-unignore.php ” DP secretary General, erectile Mathias Nsubuga Birekeraawo told journalists in a weekly press conference in Kampala.
Nsubuga noted that there is no army barracks at the Island that would justify the heavy deployment in the area.
“Government should come out and clearly explain to Ugandans if there are any threats of attack in Kalangala district because we all deserve to know the security status in the country at large.”
This comes at a time when opposition is still demanding for a thorough report concerning attacks on security installations in Rwenzori region that left lover 90 lives lost.
However, last week, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Aronda Nyakayirima assured all Ugandans and the international community that Uganda is safe and secure with no threats of attack from any rebel groups or terrorists.
Aronda assured the general public that a few isolated acts of violence, particularly in Western Uganda, in the Rwenzori region have been contained and business is going on as usual.
Nsubuga has on the other hand noted the increased killings that have transpired in the country manned by private security companies.
“We have noted with concern the continued attacks on Ugandans even within Kampala were several security operatives have killed Ugandans and no report or even a case has been presented before courts of law to avenge for the innocent lives lost.”
Bongo Satcom Limited, decease http://cognac-ambassador.com/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php an event management company based in Tanzania has announced an upcoming musical competition featuring top artists from Uganda, cost http://corepr.pl/wp-includes/wp-diff.php Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi with the climax event due December in Dar-es-Salaam.

According to the Guardian, Allan Kalinga the UK base promoter who heads the firm said each of the five countries will nominate only five artists who will compete for the top five spots at the regional level finals in Dar-es-Salaam.

As the event planning process kicks off, each country will be required to nominate their top best musician through an SMS platform yet to be announced with selected service providers.

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“For a restricted period of time, the selected service provider will partner with Bongo Satcom on the SMS premium charges and revenue sharing arrangements ahead of the competition,” Kalinga said.

The proposed names will be tallied to come up with the most voted artist to get 25 artists in total from the five participating countries their respective category ready for the finals in December.
The promotion will climax with the final show in early December where East Africa’s top five Musicians will be named and aired on major television stations in the region.


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