Small Scale Industrialists Launch Innovation, Energy Efficiency Program

Ms. Teddy Twine of UNDP during the launch

The small scale industrialists under their umbrella body of  (USSIA) have launched a two year product innovation and energy efficiency program.

The ambitious industrialists intend to close the eyes to their sizes and aim at tapping into the business advantages enjoyed by the big manufacturers in the country.

These converged on Wednesday at Nob View Hotel in Kampala and discussed the medium term aspiring project.

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The program dubbed, here generic “The Sustainable Product Innovation and Energy Efficient Practices among Small Scale Industries in Uganda” will run from the last quarter of 2015 to the exact time in 2017.

Figures from Uganda Manufacturers Association and USSIA show that Micro, buy Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account for a sizeable share of Uganda`s industry that contribute a lot the development of the country that is now aiming at middle income status by 2019.

These account for approximately 90 percent of the private sector, cost 75 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 30 percent of the employment and 80 percent of manufacturing segment in Uganda.

In the face of above, the USSIA Executive Director, Mr. John Kakungulu Walugembe said the MSMEs in Uganda are regrettably entangled in number of challenges which impede their competitiveness and growth.

A group photo of Mr Walugembe (red tie) with USSIA members

A group photo of Mr Walugembe (Maroon tie) with USSIA members

“The small scale industrialists conventionally use obsolete equipment, often not properly maintained and majority others are still inhibited by inefficient technologies practices. These challenges unfortunately have adverse effects on the environment,” Mr. Walugembe said.

The USSIA chief also noted that due to the high costs of resource efficient technologies, the industrial wastes inform of either solid waste, effluent or air emissions are released into the environment. The MSMEs use such environmentally harmful technologies to compensate for their lack of technical capacity in order to perform well.

In the long run the inefficiencies instead make MSMEs incur high costs per unit of revenue realized dwindling the already small profits.

The small scale industrialists recognized that they cannot continue burying their head in the sand and pretend to the face of challenges fronting them therefore coming up with the idea to launch the program.

The promoting sustainable product innovation and energy efficient practices among small industries in Uganda project seeks to overcome the barriers by demonstrating the economic social and environmental benefits of sustainable product design and adoption of energy efficient practices which is in line with the government`s strategy on sustainable consumption and production as articulated by Uganda Cleaner Production Center.

“The overall purpose of is action is to contribute to sustainable development and minimize environmental impact from the small scale industrial sector in Uganda; through the promotion of best practices of sustainable product innovation and energy efficiency.” Mr. Walugembe said.


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