Slot Machines Banned in Kisoro

Businesses operating slot machines in Kisoro district has been given up to two weeks to shut down and leave the area.

The ultimatum was sounded on Wednesday by Abel Bizimana the Kisoro district LC5 Chairperson.

Bizimana says gambling of all forms like sports betting, price pool and other such pastimes mustbe regulated together with alcohol drinking in order to harness development in the district, more about noting that these have contributed to family breakages and irresponsibility.

“This is sheer robbery. People are being stripped of their little earnings which we cannot stand and watch, order ” he said before ordering all sub-county chiefs and parish chiefs to confiscate any slot machines when the given time elapses.

The district chairman also emphasized that those that seek to introduce other forms of gambling in the south western district should try somewhere else.

He also called upon authorities to take action against bars that open in working hours and arrest the owners. Bars he said must start operating after 5pm.



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